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Caching etiquette

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This has probably been covered before but I couldn't find it... Today while looking for a cache, we saw through the trees that a group of people were at the likely site, about 350 ft away. We pulled back and waited for them to finish up. Then another group happened upon it. I was beginning to wonder how we were ever going to log this one. Finally we peeked and saw they were gone, we crept up and I saw one of the previous cachers on the hilltop waving. I asked if they were looking too, and she said they'd already found it. So, my question is, given the above situation, what should you do? Go on towards the cache and if they have it, introduce yourselves? Wait until they leave? Just wondered how anyone else would handle this...



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Originally posted by fizzymagic:

I always walk up to them and introduce myself.


I could not have said it better. I have met several fellow cachers in the field and all have been very pleasant meetings. After all we do have alot in common.


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i also agree, introduce yourself. i have met a few cachers from our area this way and i'm glad i did. it is a pleasure to see them in real life and get to talk to them in person, however if they wish to find the cache alone, so be it. i would be glad to cache with an extra person, if they wanted. they may know something i dont and your never to old to learn a trick or two

Happy and safe caching

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I have met fellow geocachers on 3 occasions. 2 of the 3 times we knew each other by name, but hadn't met. The other time I was caching out of my normal area. I really enjoyed meeting with them. I don't hestitate to go up and introduce myself. If they want to do the search alone, I would back off but my experience has been that we enjoyed the visit more than the solitute.

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I like meeting cachers during urban caches. They're so busy being sneaky that I walk up and give them a little scare. I usually get a few seconds of the deer caught in the headlights look then I give them a smile and introduce myself.


If they've found the cache I walk away so they can hide it before I look for it.


Otherwise it's a good time to chat.





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Check out the logs for Old Woman River, in Montana. No one has been able to find it alone yet! Someone always comes along. Around here you start recognizing cars at trail heads and parking areas near caches. Most of the time, the cachers welcome the company. The funniest logs are for the group of us (6) who searched in the snow at night for Map cache (GCBAEE).



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both times it happened to me, it was pretty obvious to everyone that we were all carrying gps.


when we got caught with the box, we offered to re-hide it. the finders declined.


when we caught a searcher, we asked if he wanted to hunt jointly. not only did he allow us along, but we stayed with him for a cache or two after that.


it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.

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