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Geocaching on "private/public" lands

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I'm posting in reference to a question on a virtual cache I placed:




If you are thinking of doing this cache, there are spoilers below.



The virtual cache involves reading an inscription on a tombstone behind a church. There is a picture of the church here:




Although you can't see it in the photos, on the gate leading onto the church property is a sign that says "No trespassing/Proceed at own risk".


When I was there, there were about a half-dozen tourists reading the historical markers around the church and walking up the bluff to the old cemetary. Everyone appeared to be treating the property with respect.


I recently received a polite e-mail from a geocacher who brought up the point of the "No trespassing" sign in front of the church. He was a bit concerned over geocaching on the property. While I felt it would be inappropriate to leave a physical cache, at the time I felt that a virtual cache would be okay.


I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the appropriateness of this cache?

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There's "No Trespassing", and there's NO TRESPASSING!. I went hunting for a cache a few weeks ago, and the cache was clearly on private property. There were No Trespassing signs posted, as well as a barbed wire fence. I got the hint.


However, in this case, it looks like they're simply trying to limit any legal liability on their part. The "Proceed at your own risk", makes that pretty clear.


You might want to mention this on the cache page though. That way, anyone who's not comfortable doing this can save themselves the trip.



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I was out there and saw the sign. I'm reasonably sure that the purpose is to prevent meddling in the church itself, and not the cemetery behind the church. There are also several historical marker signs in the yard which you would have to be on church property to read. In my log, I listed the number that was on the sign for information.


Ever notice everybody is willing to give THEIR 2 cents worth but only offer a penny for YOUR thoughts?

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