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Do you remeber the first item you took from a cache?

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My first was GCHD34, did not really know what this was all about, but wanted to try out my backup handheld GPS for my boat.


Took out a 10 Pence coin, left an old Smoky the bear pin from my scouting days. I was hooked.


Since that time, my spare time has been walking, looking and searching for caches. Not a high quantity but having fun. Have really enjoyed the people I have met.



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Well, I think it was actually cache number 3 (I had 6 smilies and 2 DNF on my first day) since I know exactly which 2 were first after that...they blend LOL and this is what I TL: T-pez dispenser L-WMU keychain And yes I still have the pez dispenser! Still can't decide on my favorite finds...it is between a UVRay UV detecting beads (hanging on my geobag) and a Lois & Clark sig card with oar...

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The first item I ever left in a cache was a coin with a 4 leafed clover on it... I didn't take anything in trade... sadly I was the last finder of that cache so who knows what happened to it. The first item I traded for was a glass bead... I left a state quarter. I still have that glass bead someplace. Back then I would trade often, but today I hardly ever trade anymore.

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