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Cheapskate cachers


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OK, I'm new at this -- only 20 or so regular caches to my name -- but I'm beginning to see a pattern. Cachers, at least a lot of the ones in my neck of the woods are cheap. I mean, geez, some of the junk these people leave in caches is embarrasing it's so thrashy.


I'm not referring to actual thrash like the crusty Twinkee I found in a cache yesterday but just worthless, lame, uninteresting stuff. Examples include a rumpled red and blue ribbon that obviously once held a medalion (but no more), silly plastic toys that look like they came out of a gum ball machine or the 10 for a dollar bucket (you know, the stuff you win at pinball galleries) or common advertising items like keychains that read Joe's Plumbing or really lame refrigerator magnets.


No, I'm not suggesting people spend a fortune on trade goods but let's at least try to make it interesting, OK? I mean is this REALLY the kind of stuff YOU want to trade for?


Maybe I'm overestimating the cool factor of the stuff I put in caches but so far I've left rub-on tattos for the kids, Mardi Gras doubloons, scratch-off lotto tickets, neat polished rocks, etc. I carry a few nice items in my cache bag including neat lapel pins such as a fancy state seal pin, the Geocaching.com pin and a few other better items. I rarely have a reason to leave them though because so far I haven't seen much worth trading for.


Yeah, I know the point of caching is not really what's in the cache but that is PART of the fun, isn't it? Is finding a 10 cent plastic snake from the pinball arcade really anybody's idea of a "treasure?" Is this how it is everywhere or are people in my area just really tacky and cheap?

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I have found that most caches are full of junk, but I don't care! I like the hunt, finding the cache, and exploring an area that I would have otherwise missed. If you're out there for the "treasure", you will be disappointed in most cases.


If I do leave something, it's generally a paperback book registered at www.bookcrossing.com. While the book might have a higher intrinsic value than most of the stuff out there, if you don't like what I read, it's still junk!




These are my opinions and only my opinions, unless you share them as well, which would make them our opinions, but I am not of the opinion that I can express your opinion as my opinion without your prior expression of said opinion, and then my re-utterance of that opinion would, in my opinion, be foolish unless I were expressing agreement to your opinion, and then it wouldn't be my opinion but your opinion to which I only agree.

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I loved the 'crusty twinkie' part mostly icon_eek.gif


I agree with you that a cache should contain somewhat interesting stuff. Doesn't have to be valuable, just thoughtful...


For me, it's the hunt that is the coolest part. For all I care, I'd be satisfied if caches only contained logbooks. The rest is gravy.


When I trade, it's usually because I find something that would interest my 2.5 year old son. Otherwise, I just leave my signature item and sign the logbook.



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Steve L sez:

I have found that most caches are full of junk, but I don't care! I like the hunt, finding the cache, and exploring an area that I would have otherwise missed. If you're out there for the "treasure", you will be disappointed in most cases.


I can certainly accept this. I've been hitting some easy caches on my way to other places. But the one's I've enjoyed the most have been farther off the beaten path and took more effort. I think what I'm realizing is that the easy caches -- the 1/1 type primarily -- should probably just be passed over. The hunt isn't interesting enough and the walk isn't long enough to be called exercise. The one's I've seen haven't taken me to that cool of places. And the cache itself rarely justifies the trip.

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is of the same thing......soooo, I'm putting out one or two caches for the beginners and newbies...but my good caches will be for members only. Anyone willing to support the site for being a great thing....is probably going to trade up or at least trade even.


Good luck.....


We're going on a treasure hunt...we're not quite sure just where...but with our trusty GPS, we'll find a cache stashed there!!

By Daughter Cheryl

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I don't understand, arent' all caches "member" caches? Gee, I thought the moment I signed a log I became a "member." icon_wink.gif


Wait a minute.... yes, that's right! All caches are "member only" (in that they are for members of the geocaching community) caches.


You must have meant the premium service member caches, right? The ones placed by one service-fee payer for other service-fee payers?? Oh, yeah, those get a lot of attention. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


If you hide it, they will come.

Grandmaster Cache


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I definitely agree with you about the number of completely worthless items you find in so many caches. Theres no way anyone could honestly say that they would like to find a cigarette butt, used condom, piece of a broken toy, blue ribbon with or without the medallion, aol disk, etc,etc,, in a cache, so i dont understand why people leave them behind!


On the other hand, theres not a whole lot that we find in caches that we just gotta have. Of course homemade items, like Christmas Angels or signature items, are the exception and we do like finding these!!! icon_smile.gif

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You must have meant the premium service member caches, right? The ones placed by one service-fee payer for other service-fee payers?? Oh, yeah, those get a lot of attention
actually they are called suscriber only caches as for rest we been here before icon_biggrin.gif


I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.

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The other day, someone left an allen wrench in our cache, and took a nice flashlight a previous visitor had been so kind as to leave. I realise that there isn't much space for large items in there, but seriously, an allen wrench? I guess its better than a gum wrapper. icon_biggrin.gif


Don't even think about putting those muddy boots in my car.

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Please remember most people put a bit of thought and effort into placing their caches, and for those individuals it is a point of pride to put in some pretty good stuff when the cache is intially placed. However, after a bit of time goes by, and several cachers have found the hidden loot, it seems the "value" or "perceived value" of the items in the cache does seem to deteriorate. I am not sure if this is a natural progression, or is unique to our own little activity, but it does seem to happen.


Thus, you cannot blame only those who place caches when complaining about the contents, it's all of us.


Just a thought.




"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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I usally will only take an item of equal value or nothing at all and just sign logbook. In a few cases I have left items and took nothing at all. I really do not see any reason to complain except to hear yourself whine. To me the greatest fun is the seek and finding of the cache, if there is an item to exchange then that is a bonus. Since it seems alot of the items I trade frome cache "A" gets left in cache "B" or maybe cache "C" then I am leaning more towards just signing the logbook anyway.



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Jacksons - Ya, I know, that's why I was joking around about it. icon_biggrin.gif It's just funny now. icon_biggrin.gif


About the caches degrading - I don't understand it. Every single person that posts about it says how they only trade "up" in value. Wow, that must mean some of the caches should be gold mines! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


Seriously, though... I do believe most people that post in the forums do make some awesome trades. But if you look at the number of log vists vs. the number of actual forum postings - there's a huge discrepancy. That's where the trade "degradations" occur. The folks that post and read the forums here all "get" it. I've noticed that most of the "lessons" being taught are rather like preaching to the choir.


It is rather cool to see a cache "exist" with tradeable items for a long period of time. But folks, that "morals of caching" are really wasted on the Forum Brethren. icon_wink.gif To keep the caches up, they need to start out in something better than a cheap container - that's first and foremost. Because when the elements take hold, and the continer become "corrupt" you can't expect people to leave "great stuff" in it. It all starts with the cacher leaving a good container. Even geoschmucks have to have a bit of respect for a nice cache... and to spread the words to others, we have to do so with a sort of "plea" in the actual cache to "keep the cache alive but trading something you would like to find. Hopefully, after a few caches of ill-prepared trading, newer caches will "get it" that it's a good feeling of pride and ownership to enact "great trades." We saw a really cool cache with lots of neat stuff - but it's in a big ice-cream bucket with a lid that's already well-cracked. Even though the contents are in a big ziploc bag we all know how it ends up. icon_frown.gif With all the treats in it, it would have been well-worth it for the owner to have acquired an ammo-can for this cache. Unfortunately, the cache will probably degrade just because people won't want to leave good stuff in a poor cache. It won't be victim to "trading down" for any other reason, methinks.


Creative containers can be made from household "extras" but you have to visualize them "long term." We have an old Gott Jug out there, and that will last the elements indefinitely. But stuff like plastic peanut butter tubs might take a pounding in rocks, etc., and that will signal the death toll for a cache that might otherwise have continued "strong."


Just my "over-inflated" 2 cents worth. icon_wink.gif


If you hide it, they will come.

Grandmaster Cache


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Personally I think the cache owners should be visiting their caches more regularly to make sure it hasn't become full of junk. There are very few caches in my area & the owners don't visit them often at all & thus they're all full of total junk. And I wouldn't say it's a newbie thing to leave junk because I'm new to this myself but my goodie bag is full of nice stuff. Not expensive, just nice. It doesn't take a lot of brain power to find nice items for very little cash. I think people who leave the junk are just disrespectful.



Magellan Meridian GPS


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Agreed. I visit my caches at least every 2 weeks. It's only proper to check up on them. I will (if and when the time comes) remove items that have little or no use to anyone. (Spanish Carseat Video) for example.


Personally, I like the hunt and I like to see what's in there. Many times I use the opportunity to place travel bugs or to add to caches. I only take if there's something realistic that I'm going to use. Otherwise it's take some stuff and redeposit it somewhere else.


It's a game folks, let us not take this too seriously.








Cache'n Retrievers


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