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Arkansas State Parks


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Originally posted by LongDogs:

Well, I have a cache in Pinnacle Mtn St Park that I'll get a permit for as soon as they are available.


I have a cache in Devil's Den State park that I need a permit for! (actually the map on the cache page shows it outside the park, but I am sure it is in the park.) I bet a few other geocachers who have caches in parks were afraid to mention them earlier. Guess we had better get to work on getting those permits!


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There were about 10 cachers who addressed the commission. The room was full with 40 or so people. Some of these cachers are pretty long winded so if you run into them on a cache hunt be prepared to listen.


It was clear that the written comments made an impact on commission members as well as the Parks Director's staff. Right off the bat the Parks Director modified the time limit to six months with an automatic extension. The commission members were a pretty salty bunch and they figured if geocachers weren't afraid of opening ammo cans then they weren't prepared to ban them.


The commission approved a year long permit and approval of the cache container will be left to Park Supervisors.


I didn't hang around to socialize with the group. I hike solo.

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www.arkansasstateparks.com/parks/default.asp?park=Louisiana+Purchase Well in my opinion, which aint much, we all spoke with one mind and one accord on getting the, 1 year and possible extension if there is no adverse effects to the Enviroment, the ammo box,or Approved cache container, and all the concerns that were spoken of.The Board dilligently listened to our concerns and made the appropriate changes.Great Strides for Geochaching. Thanks again all those who showed up to voice our concerns in an appropriate manner,very professional like everyone,good work and good night I been up way toooooooooo long see you in geodreams..happy Geotrails

'No Geocaching or Virtual Cache's' in the following,Conway Cemetery,The Herman Davis Memorial,Jenkin's Ferry,Lake Ft. Smith while under construction,The Louisiana Purchase,Mark's Mill,Parkin,Poision Springs,The South Arkansas Arboretum,or Toltec Mound's State Parks.

When all else fails Geotry again.


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Originally posted by LongDogs:

They way the permit process is supposed to work, is you take your cache to the park office, and tell them where you want to put it, they will then inspect it and put on an "official Arkansas State Park Approved Geocache" sticker with your name and date on it. (Basically the sticker is the permit form and permit itself.) The sticker must be stuck on the cache and then you can hide it. There is will be no charge.


That's cool.

I wish that I could get a few to put on my caches here in California. Heck, that would look great on the back window of my gas-guzzling, terrorist-financing, rollin'-over-and-squishin-hybrids SUV.

How about an "Official Arkansas State Park Approved Geocacher" patch for the caching vest?



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When I read the first post about the official stickers I figured they'd be like geocoins or geochips and become schwag. I guess we'll have to attach them, then score em with a blade so they wont come off in one piece. Thats a trick I learned in Houston to keep the riff raff from swiping your vehicle registration stickers.


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At the end of the meeting I suggested they sell "Arkansas State Park Geocaching Stickers" (other than the permits on the caches) that could be purchased to place inside the caches. They seemed to think that would be a great itea. To them it means possible income, so it is a win-win situation.

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When I talked to Sandy Burch shortly after the big meeting in LR, she told me that the directive still had to get some final signatures and after that, the information would have to be distributed to the parks. At that time, she seemed to think that it would only be a matter of weeks. Haven't heard anything since.


I've got a letter in to the ASP director, Greg Butts, and I'll post any information here as soon as I hear something...

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Just got the reply from Mr. Butts. Here it is:


"Due to the legislative session that just ended, along with the special session that starts next week, the Administrative Rules Subcommittee of the legislature has not met this year (typically they meet every month, except during legislative sessions; note: we sent information to them last year after our public meeting on the subject with our commission). I had hoped they would meet this month, but it has been postponed. Hopefully they’ll meet next month, we’ll be able to complete the review process and then get word out to the public. Check back with us on June 15th."

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According to the Arkansas State Parks director, Greg Butts, the Administrative Rules Committee favorably reviewed the policy directive on June 3rd. Details and permit should be out to the parks by the end of the month. Greg is supposed to send me a copy of the policy when it's published. He also said that he's looking forward to visiting cachers!

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Got the directive and permit for Arkansas State Parks in my email yesterday. Here is the directive. If anybody wants a copy of the permit form, let me know.





Geocaching, also known as GPS Stash Hunt or GeoStash, involves “hiding” items, usually containers holding various “treasures” and then providing specific Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) coordinates for each “cache” on a website. Visitors to these websites can choose which “cache” they would like to locate using their own personal GPS device. Cache searchers typically bring along their own “treasures” and make an exchange once the cache has been located.


Virtual Caching involves locating not a cache, but a specific landmark, feature, park sign, etc.


These should be encouraged at State Parks and Museums in lieu of physical caches. However, neither geocaching or virtual caching will be permitted at Conway Cemetery, the Herman Davis Memorial, Jenkins’ Ferry, Lake Fort Smith while under construction, the Louisiana Purchase, Mark’s Mill, Parkin, Poison Springs, Prairie Grove Battlefield, the South Arkansas Arboretum, or Toltec Mounds State Parks.


Procedures concerning geocaching in Arkansas State Parks and Museums are as follows:




A. Placement of a cache on Department property must be secured with a permit. Any cache located on park / museum property that does not exhibit the required affixed permit number is unauthorized and is subject to removal from its location and the owner subject to fines.


B. The person applying for a permit must provide a valid address, telephone number, email address, driver’s license number, and the website address on which the cache will be posted.


C. The exact location of the cache must be pre-approved by the Park Superintendent / Museum Director, whose main concern will be public safety and the prevention of undesirable impacts to natural, historical, and cultural resources.


D. The exact cache location, including GPS coordinates, must be stated on

the permit.


E. All permits will be in effect for a period of twelve (12) months. The exact starting and ending dates will be recorded on the permit. Upon expiration of the initial permit, at the permit holder’s request, a cache permit may be extended for up to twelve (12) months.


NOTE: If, during the effective period of a permit, a permit holder wants to change the location of the cache, a new permit must be issued and the effective permit cancelled.


F. Upon expiration of a permit, the permit holder is responsible for removing the cache and for removing the cache location from all websites and any information source.


G. If the permit holder fails to remove the cache, it will be removed by park staff and held for ten (10) days, after which staff will dispose of the cache. Confiscation and disposal by park staff will be recorded in an incident report.


H. If it is determined that a cache has been the cause of adverse environmental damage, the cache may be removed by the Park Superintendent / Museum

Director or designee, and the permit cancelled.




A. Cache containers must be non-breakable, have some form of latch or other closing mechanism to prohibit content exposure to wildlife, and must be approved by the Park Superintendent / Museum Director or designee.


B. Each cache container must have an identification label affixed to the outside identifying it as an approved cache and containing the permit number and expiration date.


C. Caches may not contain inappropriate or dangerous items. Such items include, but are not limited to, food, medications, personal/hygiene products, pornography, weapons of any type, etc. Log books are encouraged in Arkansas State Parks / Museums, over exchange items.


D. All caches are subject to random inspection by Park Superintendents and Museum Directors. Park staff has the authority to immediately remove any item held in a cache deemed unacceptable or that is violation of this policy.




A. Physical caches are prohibited inside any state park / museum facility or structure.


B. The location of a cache must be pre-approved by the Park Superintendent / Museum Director or designee.


C. Caches may not be placed in locations that may lead to the creation of spur trails.


D. Caches may not be buried, nor may vegetation or stones be disturbed to place a cache.


F. Caches may not be placed in dangerous, inappropriate, or protected areas and habitats, on cliffs, underground, or underwater.


G. Metal detectors may not be used in cache searches.




A. Failure to comply with this policy directive will result in the revocation of effective geocaching permits. Continued failure to comply with these guidelines will prevent the issuance of any further geocaching permits to the non-compliant group or individual.


B. If geocaching activities as a whole are found to have a negative impact on park resources or if safety becomes an issue in geocache searches, the Park Superintendent / Museum Director may ban geocaching from certain areas or from the entire park / museum.


Related PD: 3170 - Unlawful Occupancy



APPROVED BY: ______________________________


Arkansas State Parks

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I just got an email from a reporter from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. She is working on a story about the state park system's new policies regarding geocaching and is interested in talking to some people who spoke at public hearings during the process of drafting the rules. We were not able to attend the meeting in Little Rock, but if anybody here would like to speak with her, I can put you in contact with her.

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

Great news and I'm extremely surprised. From time to time, something comes along that makes me question my antipathy towards bureaucrats.


I agree, the posted policy looks like they listened to the comments and suggestions and reacted reasonably. I may even object the next time someone tells an Arkansas joke. icon_wink.gif




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Don't you have any National Forest or BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Arkansas? I feel sorry for you folks in the east. Banning Virtual Caches in some parks, what's next, banning driving to the parks? Oh yeah- that's what they're trying to do here in Yosemite! icon_rolleyes.gif



How do they get a deer to cross at that yellow road sign?


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