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End all cache?

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I had this idea in my head and want some opinions.


I want to find the furthest existing caches in the four corners of my state (WV) and ask them to insert pages in their caches listing partial coordinates for a "hidden cache". You would have to go to each of the four corners to get all the coordinates (maybe add all the numbers up) for the "end all" cache I would hide in the middle of the state. I couldn't keep people from cheating by emailing their friends in Martinsburg, but nothing's perfect.


I asked my friends and they said I was just plain mean.



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I don't think it's mean and see no problem with it, however you have to make sure that it's worthwhile. I wouldn't want to drive to 4 corners of a state and then end up going on a 1/1 cache hunt to find a cool whip container full of pens, tacks, band-aids, and kleenex. The final destination and cache have to be worth the travel time.


"...Not all those who wander are lost..."

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The same concept has come up in a previous post. Some will search for it, most others won't, and you can be sure some will whine about it not being accessible to "everyone".

As mikechim said, just make sure the reward is proportional to the effort required. Ideally, the combination of difficulty, terrain, view, and cache contents should make it an above average cache.



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There is a cache near me that is the same idea.

Multi Cache Mania.

I've been to some of the caches used for the hint. I find it inconvenient to return to those caches, and run all around the area, just to complete one cache. This is only two counties. I wouldn't even go to one that I had to go to all the corners of the State! Then I would have one of those annoying caches that I can't get off my cache search page.

Do you have a theme or something interesting at or about the areas your sending people to? Maybe your just musing in the fact that your sending people to the four corners of the state.icon16.gif


Before someone quips in, I now that you would get five finds out of this hunt. Why should someone drag their family all over the state for one find? Have you ever had kids in your car for a long drive? Not to mention Four or Five long drives just to complete this one cache.

Hmm I'll pass.


Don't let me stop you though, do as you wish.


Just have fun.


Preperation, the first law to survival.


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Hey guys, thanks for all the input! And keep it coming. In partial response:



I understand exactly. For the end of the quest, it should be very difficult to get to and very rewarding at the end. No items from the dollar store.



I agree, I would not expect very many people to visit it at all. It is only meant for the hard core.



I agree.



You are right, it is extremely inconvienent, and it would suck to be stuck with that cache on your search page without being able to get rid of it. (Maybe I could make it a virtual). It isn't meant to be done in a day or a week, but the culmunation of much effort.


I have had my children with me in long trips, and the best way to break the monotony is to take a break along the way with some easy 1/1 caches for "treasure hunts". However, I agree with you that I wouldn't take them on a 6hr trip just to finish one leg. No, I only wanted them to hit the four corners to say they've been through the whole state.


I guess right now I'm still undecided. I'll only do it if I can do it up right with a memorable final hunt with a theme that fits the 4 corners and deliver the proper prizes for such a difficult find.



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I say go for it. I think we need more difficult caches, and ones that take some ingenuity and mental effort. This would be a great project for multiple cachers (who might not know each other)to work together, and you could even suggest that in the cache description. In this case each member of the team maybe should get credit for the individual pieces they find and the final cache.


For the people concerend about having such a cache stuck on their search pages, hopefully in the future we will be able to mark such caches so that they no longer show up. The same problem exists right now with caches that one decides that they are not interested in, such as boat or scuba diving caches.

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Originally posted by sbell111:

Also, don't be surprised when the cache doesn't get very many hits. Most cachers will have neither the time nor the inclination to search for this type of cache.


Right. Also, as the owner of the cache hadn't bothered to visit each site personally, why should anyone else?

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I would find a cache like this worthwhile if it had a good story to follow. If there was some sort of plot for why you were visiting the other caches, etc.


My roommate and I are planning a series of secret-location caches, which require visits to various other caches to find clues related to an overall plot. We're going to keep ours local to our area, but there will still be 300+ miles of driving involved by the end. For us, the story and the mechanics are the interesting parts.


People won't be popping open the final cache(s) to find GPSR units, gold bars, etc. but we do plan on having special mementos (certificate, t-shirt, etc). To us, the "tresure" isn't the reason for caching, its the adventure - but we still want people to have something they can take home after all the work.

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I thought those midwesterners would get the concept of four corners better than 2 panhandles and 2 bulges.



I understand the importance of a good theme to link the four together. My point want just to go to the extremes of the state. I'm not sure if I can come up with a way to tie Huntington, Wheeling, Martinsburg, and Bluefield together. But I agree that I should do my homework to make it a success. Also, the thought of making a theme related tokens is a good idea.



You are exactly right. I wouldn't have the right to ask other people to make the trip if I didn't do it myself. I would go to and log the four first, and then ask the existing cache owners to maintain my notes in their caches. I would be willing to maintain the central cache, but I don't want to make four new caches if I have to keep traveling to maintain it. Unless of course I do come up with a theme and have volunteers from those areas to maintain. At a minimum, though, they should be actual caches so people would at least get credit for the 4 trips.


Thanks again for the info.

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Originally posted by mikedx:

I would go to and log the four first, and then ask the existing cache owners to maintain my notes in their caches.




Perhaps you could include your notes in your cache logbook entry. That way cachers would have to look through the logbook to find your entry and make note of the info. Also, cache owners wouldn't have to maintain your notes separately. Or, if the info is just a number or a partial (or whole) coordinate, ask the cache owner if you could write it on the inside of the back cover of the logbook.


If the notes are lengthy, just print them on a large label to attach to the logbook (with the owner's permission).

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I like the Idea


In my area there is a cache called Chain Cache. The placer went to 6 caches and put a log

with his name, the name of the next cache and part of the final cords in the log book. Once

you found each part you had to figure out the right cords to find the final cache. The only

thing bad about this idea was if a cache go plundered the chain was broken. So people was

unable to complete the cache.



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