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Who do you look like?


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Everybody gets told that they look like somebody, right? If somebody ran into you while caching and then described you to somebody else, who would they say you look like?

Or to put it in simpler terms: Who do you get told you look like? If possible, post a pic of who you look like - not your actual picture.

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Originally posted by bitbrain:

Not quite sure. I've heard, though, that people tend to start looking like their avatar after a few months...


No, no, no, that's what I FEEL like icon_biggrin.gif


Team 360: That's perfect. I'd say you're right in the middle of those two good 'ole boys.


Jeremey = Tim Robbins? Yeah, I can see that!

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My brother (KBI) looks like Woodster Outdoors' old avatar when he had a picture of himself looking back over his shoulder.


When I was younger I was told that I looked like Paul McCartney, but that hasn't happened in 15 years.



What's the Frequency, Jeremy?


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I guess your appeaance is a reflection of your life situation...




Why did the Train Cross the Road?




Trash-out, EVERYtime




Geo-cach-er, n. generally a highy technically competent person with lots of free time. (see also- "Unemployed", Computer administrator, aircraft technician- defense worker- dot-com executive- systems administrator, et.al)

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In college my friends used to say that I looked like "The poor-woman's Burt Reynolds." That was back when those words were still a compliment...but barely.


I've told people that I look like one of the Baldwin brothers....Murray, the one they keep in the basement.




"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44

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I look like some guy named Jason.


Let me explain. Back in high school I would sometimes have people come up to me and say ?Hey Jason!? This would be at the Mall, Dances, and around town. When they would get close at start talking they would realize I was not Jason and told me I looked just like him. It turns out that Jason went to another high school a few miles away. I never meet him at the time but that would change several years later.


During this time I had a girlfriend for several years. When I was 19 years old I went on a mission for my church for 2 years (being from Utah you can guess what religion). During these two years I would be in California. My girlfriend and I would exchange letters back and forth while I was on the mission.


One day a letter came from her and she told me she was in the mall and could not believe her eyes because she saw me! She got closer and then realized it was not me but somebody that looked a lot like me. Guess who it was? Yep, some dude named Jason. Anyway she tells me she started talking to him and now they are friends. About two months latter she writes me again and tells me we are not meant for each other and etc, etc, etc. I know something must be going on and I wrote a letter back asking her what was up. Finally she wrote me again 1 month later and told me she is now in love with this Jason guy (My Evil Twin).


This was about 1 year into my mission and I figured oh well and continued on with mission. When I get home 1 year later she comes a visits me and I have a friendly chat with her. At this point I have moved on and she tells me she is engaged to this Jason guy (which I have never met to this point). I tell her that?s great and wish her all the best. We pretty much went our separate ways but we will still kind of friends and would talk every few months when we ran into each other. She was never sure about marriage so there engagement went on for another 3 years. At about this I meet somebody a lot better (which I am married to now). During our reception I finally meet Jason. There I was standing in the line shaking hands with everybody and he comes through and says ?Hello, I am Jason, Amber (my ex-girlfriend, name changed) is sick and she wanted me to come by and give you guys a present. I told him thanks and he went on his way. He did look a little like me but the way that everybody talked, I thought it was going to be like looking in a mirror.


We still have their present which was a casserole dish in our kitchen. BTW ? Jason and Amber never ended up getting married (she dumped him) and she is now married to somebody else.


I am grateful for Jason now because who knows what would have happen and I may have never met my wonderful wife I have now.



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Originally posted by Brian - Team A.I.:

WAY back when (ok, about 15 years ago), people told me I looked like Wil Wheaton in the days of ST:TNG

I remember in college when TNG just came out, how we all hated Wesley... We used to play a drinking game and the rule was everytime he would say something stupid - we would drink...


As you can imagine, we never made it throught the whole hour with out getting drunk! icon_smile.gif



Free your mind and the rest will follow action-smiley-076.gif

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Who I do not look like: I don't look like my avatar. I am thin and did try the goth look once after accidentally dying my hair black (it was supposed to be temporary), but even then, I did not look like my avatar. Nobody looks like a manga or anime character. Not ever. Not even the cosplayers (people who try to look like them).


I have had two people tell me that I look like Holly Hunter. I don't particularly agree though.



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Back in my Saloon days people thought another waitress and I looked just alike. Same hair length and we both wear glasses. We didn't see it, but it got to the point where we just waited on each other's tables, no questions asked, no explaining. It took too long. Every now and then we'd go up to a table together and say which of us was their waitron. Even the people we worked with mixed us up. And just once her husband did. Cracked me up! But I don't look like anyone famous.



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Well ... I'm about half paranoid about this one .. I've had people in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and now China tell me I remind them of Robin Williams! Anyway I wish I reminded people of someone like Sean Connery or you know the leading man ... rugged type ... but I guess I'll have to settle with MORK!!!! icon_rolleyes.gif



Co-founder of the "NC/VA GEO-HOG ASSOCIATION"

... when you absolutely have to find it first!

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

People tell me I look like a slightly older version of my younger brother.


_"You can't make a man by standing a sheep on his hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position, you can make a crowd of men" - Max Beerbohm_


What's really scare to me is that you look like a white version of my brother. If the photo in your profile is really you anyway.

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Originally posted by hydrashok407:

I'll never tell what I look like.


...but I think Jeremy looks an awful lot like Tim Robbins...



Nah, he looks like Bruce McCulloch from "Kids in the Hall" except his hair is backwards.....







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Originally posted by Search1128:

I was out in the san berdoo area in 85-86.

Kirk out.


I AM in San Berdoo, and have been here since 86, I was at Norton.




Trash-out, EVERYtime




Geo-cach-er, n. generally a highy technically competent person with lots of free time. (see also- "Unemployed", Computer administrator, aircraft technician- defense worker- dot-com executive- systems administrator, et.al)

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