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Non-WAAS site coordinates

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Is it possible to either A) note on a site's data page whether the coordinates are are are not WAAS corrected or ;) notify the owner of the site with more accurate coordinates. I'm getting frustrated finding cahces that are 50 feet away from their coordinates!


What do you think?

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I find that when coords are off it's usually a matter of simply not averaging for long enough. For instance, one of the (few) caches that I find was indicated to be some 40 ft off from the actual position, but when I picked my gps up again after sitting down and filling out the logbook the position was dead on.

I'd say if you're letting your unit average for 5 minutes and still finding the cache significantly distant from the posted position, try emailing the cache owner with your corrected coords and suggest they double check.


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There are data blocks on a cache log for just this purpose. If you feel that the coordinates are off, put your coordinates in your log, and explain why you think yours are better.


Of course, just because your GPSr says the coordinates are off doesn't mean they actually are.


I recently had one of my caches relocate a few dozen yards from where it started, and finder sent me the new coordinates to my cache. I went and moved it back where it belonged.


Caches do get moved by finders, for whatever reason. There is also significant amount of difference between GPSr reading for the same spot, sometimes with the same GPSr and a different set of satellites up.


Cache coordinates should be averaged over several sets of reading taken over several days. Some hiders do this, others don't spend as much time. I've also noticed that some finders will post coordinates with out putting much effort into verifying them. I am really skeptical of someone who states in a DNF log that the coordinates should be re-checked and properly averaged. Just because you dont find it doesn't mean the coordiantes are at fault.


If you find an occasional cache 50 feet off, be sure to post your coordinates with your log and email the owner. If you find a lot of caches 50 feet off, you might want to check the accuracy of your GPSr.




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