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Military Geocachers


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USAF for four years. My grandfather was in the Army in WWI and my father was in the army in WWII. So, when Vietnam came along, I went along. Loved the people and loved the airplanes (C141s and C5s), just didn't like what went with it during that time in our history.


The best part is that my son gets to break the tradition of going to war. So, to the rest of the vets who helped make that possible, especially those who didn't make it home ... thanks.



- We did not inherit the land from our parents; we are borrowing it from our children.

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Spent 1 yr 9 months before being medically discharged. I wanted to make it a career, but cant really be a scout with a bad knee.


One thing to remember, never let the E6 that has no technology sense run the Plugger, or you will end up comming down the side of a 400' hill that you have to climb back up due to the fact thats where the OP is supposed to be...


Gotta love Colorado, but its nice to be back in the Good ol Eastern Upper Peninsula icon_biggrin.gif



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15 Years in the Army Reserve. Currently a SSG serving as a Petroleum Supply Instructor. Have served as an NBC Specialist, Combat Engineer and now a Petroleum Supply Specialist. Seen and done things I NEVER would have done in the civilian world. I don't do it for the money, just for the satisfaction of knowing that I help protect the greatest nation on the face of the planet.

SSG Dru C Reeves

Cape Girardeau MO

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I was in Security Group 67-69 (Communications Technician, "O" Branch) and spent most of the time shore duty - in Puerto Rico at the Seband Seca Communications Base. School at Skaggs Island, CA, discharged from Wash, DC.


I'm typing right now because the navy taught me.


And now I'm a geocacher. Better duty - less pay. Isn't that always the way??? icon_wink.gif


Um, honey, did you mark a waypoint for the car?

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Graduated from high school without a clue (doesn't everybody?). Decided the future looked awfully bleak in Podunk, MN so left for sunny climate of Orlando Florida boot camp! Trained in a field obviously unsuited for later civilian life (how much call is there anyway for hunting submarines?) Traveled a bit (California, Adak Alaska, Wales). Saw a lot; made great friends; met husband. Finally left after politely declining to become a recruiter. icon_eek.gif



It never does to leave a live Dragon out of the equation.

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4 years as a rifleman in the Brockville Rifles (1 of only 4 rifle regiments left in Canada)

and currently in my 15th year as a Mobile Support Equipment Operator in the Regular Force. Only 5 more years to go till I'm demoted to civilan! icon_eek.gif


Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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I spent 6 years riding FBM boats (missile submarines) out of Holy Loc Scotland in the late 70s to the mid 80s. Got my first expirences with Satellite navagation while working on the targeting process.


Now I cache when I'm not out racing Mountain Bikes or climbing hills on my Road bike. Glad its getting colder, time to go out and cache again.





If it's not one thing, then it's another...

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France used to have a mandatory 1 year term for all men between 18 and 35. So, after I graduated from college, I did my time like everyone else.


I have to say that I enjoyed my time there. I regarded my 3 months of basic training as a mix between a surreal summer camp and a life-size wargame ;-)


After that, I was working directly under the command of a general in a ministry. I spent my time writing database management software. Not exactly an action packed assignment, but it was a worthwhile experience in many ways, which got me a secret level clearance.




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