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Originally posted by Lee David Rimar:

I meant to post it this way:


Loose Parts, 12/19/2002:




I don't get it either. How come it is all gray with no color? The bears seem too well groomed, too. How could a bear hold a screw-driver? Can a GPS unit be adjusted with a screw-driver? What kind of trees are they? Are the people geocachers? What's their names?


Maybe I should spend less time in front of my monitor and try to remember what a sense of humor was like. icon_wink.gif


It's going to be a long Winter, keep on caching,




"We've got the hardware and the software, the plans and the maps ..." -- Citizen Wayne Kramer

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The woman and the guy ahead of her have just come upon the guy who's doing the pointing. The guy with the woman has introduced himself to the pointer as 'Sid' and the guy pointing towards the bears is saying "...ursidae", but as a 'warning' not a 'question'.


The imminent tragedy about to result from miscommunication is clear...




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