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Cooperation of Regional Park


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I recently contacted the local Park Authority about placing a cache on park property. I asked this forum for pictures of cache containers" to show the park manager examples of what a cache looked like (thanks, by the way). We met several times to walk the park together. She made requests concerning where to and where not to encourage people to tread, offered 1/2 price hay-rides and gift-shop-pencils for the cache, involved her staff in thinking up clues for the multi-cache aspect, etc. Well ... we placed Out Of The Frying Pan a couple of days ago and the cache has just had its first hit. The park manager received her first automated e-mail (of many, I hope). The following is an excerpt of her email to me this morning ...


[DisQuoi], (she used my real name, of course)


The [geocaching] site looks great. Did you see the log entry for April 10th? Thanks for all your work on this project.


We plan on sharing all the information about the geocache at our next programming meeting for the division (includes seven parks and two sections). Would you mind if we wrote it up in some of our park publications?


Let me know the next time you plan to stop buy. I want to leave some [more booty nuggets] to add to the cache.


Thanks again,


[Park Manager] (She used her real name, of course)

I'm hoping that this could lead to a more cooperative partnership with other parks in the area. Maybe my caches that are currently "abandoned property" will someday be accepted as part of the park's attractions.


p.s. .. If you visit a cache that states that it was placed by park permit, there's a good chance the park monitors the logs ... so it is good to include posative comments about the park and your visit (like The Cherokee Three did in their log on this cache). After all, many of these parks have a mission to attract the community. If they perceive that the caches bring visitors, we will be more welcome.

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Glad we could be part of what will be a very positive thing for geocaching. This cache was truly very enjoyable. The wife wasn't going to go, something about having to do laundry last night. I told her we should let the laundry slide and try to be the first ones there. She actually thanked me for your cache. Our youngest, 15, enjoyed the adventure even more. Thanks again for the lovely experience.

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I agree that local park managers are the best one to talk to. They ulitimately are responsible for the park. I actually emailed the county parks division and was eventually provided the email and phone number of the park manager in question. If you finally reach the right person and they're opposed to the idea (even after a clear understanding), there's no loss since it would only be a matter of time before the cache is discovered and confiscated anyway.


Go to the park, find the office, and ask for the manager.

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We'll be trying this one out Sunday (weather permitting). The whole clan will be out (including Mom, 6 yr old, 4 yo and 21 months), also hoping to bring some neogeocachers along for the adventure. Plan is to see the farm and animals, hit the clues and find the final cache as the finale. Will let the newbies then attempt the other cache in the park (since we already bagged it earlier), and offer assistance as required. Looking forward to the fun! Will be sure to check in with the park management folks (where?) and let them know - gotta further the cause.


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