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I live pretty much in the middle of where all the tornados touched down last Sunday (05/04/03) there is a lot of damage from them, overall that day 80+ tornados were spotted in 8 states. Within a 45 mile radius of my home there were 7 spotted, 1 was an F4, 1 a F3, 1 a F2 and the others were F0 to F1.


So what does a GPS has to do with tornados? 2 reasons.


This is a storm chaser account of trying to track down one:

"We ended up chasing in SE Kansas on May 4th and were able to watch as a supercell developed while heading east along in southern Kansas. Eventually we ended up in Cherokee County Kansas. Monitoring weather radio (we couldn't find any skywarn networks operating on the ham radio), we heard about a tornado in the county due west of Cherokee and we began heading west(aided by our GPS unit and delorme street atlas) we came up over a small hill and saw a large tornado (maybe a quarter mile wide) a couple miles to our south. amazingly we had good back lighting of the tornado. It turns out this was the Columbus Kansas tornado, I saw on CNN. we took several minutes of video and about a dozen pictures of the tornado as it was heading east and eventually getting rain wrapped. We found the damage path of it seeing a roof torn off a house, and numerous trees completely uprooted. we were like 3 miles from the tornado as it was occurring."


The second reason:


I work for a Insurance pool which what we do is pick up wrecked cars for the insurance companies after they have settled with their clients and bring them to our lot and auction them off to rebuilders or salvage yards. There were a lot of torn up cars around here (over 120 "totaled" in just one town) and so one lady that works for a certain insurance company uses a GPSr to mark where the insured vehicles are because a lot of the houses were destroyed and there are no street signs left and she can't exactly give us an address where to pick the cars up but she happened to mention to me that she used a GPS to mark them in case we can't find one she can go right back to it, I told her I have a GPS and if she would when she faxes in the "Pick Up" request to put the coords on there too. I can now go right to them with no problems.


Below are a couple pictures of vehicles I have picked up.











-Does anyone have some cache on them?-

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