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GPS Tracking Device for Kids

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Saw this in the paper yesterday, its called Wherify and its a watch with a GPS and cellular phone built in and its used to track in real time your kids. Also can be locked on their wrist and sends an alarm if its cut off. It also has a panic function kids can activate and the company will notify the police and parents.


Doesn't it sound like the ankle braclet's the police make criminals wear???


Here the website link



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Yeah, saw it adevertised on a TechTV show. There are a couple of kids in my neighborhood who definitely should be wearing these (the police ones are just around the corner for them)



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My little brother, world's stupidest teenager, needs one of those badly. icon_wink.gif


Especially since he's "lost" 3 cell phone/electronic leashes this summer alone. The alarm would definately help!


Perhaps it'd keep him from skipping all his classes if he could be tracked constantly.


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as previously stated bt Corona Kid:

I would love to have this for my kids but I don't like the fact that they have a service charge between $20-45 a month. Ouch. I would've seriously considered it if it was a one-time payment of $199.


You forgot to mention the price tag. These things sell for anywhere between $800 and $1000K just for the watch itself.... icon_rolleyes.gif


EDIT: Now that I took a second look at the page I noticed they lowered the price. They used to sell for the price mentioned above, which tells me that they did not sell as much as they expected.


With a $540 per year monitoring fee, they will need to revamp that price list again if they want this service to really take off.




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