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Best headlamp???

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Well it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. I use the Petzl Micro. Its inexpensive, water resistant, compact and has an adjustable and focusable beam.


I'm sure there will be a number of posts here espousing certain LED headlamps and they are fine for some uses. I generally find them to give more of a "warm glow" to an area, rather than the focused beam of a standard, or halogen light. Because of this, I don't have much use for for LED lights.


They do have the benefit of very long battery life and do come in handy for applications where a focused beam isn't important. There are lights that provide both LED and Halogen beams. The Petzl MYO 3 is one. It's a quite a bit more pricy than the Micro however. The Princeton Techlights have a lot of fans. They are well made fairly inexpensive.


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$12 at Wal-Mart buys a Garrity 2 LED headlamp with five different modes. No too bright compared to many headlamps and flashlights, but at full power it squeezes 80 hours of use out of three AAA alkaline cells. It gets over 300 hours on low power. Although it doesn't produce a whole lot of light, it is more than enough to see thr trail in the dark.


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When I need a bright focusable light, I use a Petzl Micro.


When I need long battery life I use a Princeton Tech Matrix with 3 leds.


I think I need to put the Yukon on my x-mas list, then I will only need to take 1 headlight.



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Niterider lights are the best in my book, I run the dual beam version mounted on my mountain bike, and they use them at all of the major 24hr mountain bike races.


The Head mounted versions have burn times adjustable from 3-1/2 hrs to 12 hrs

Digital Extreme


Sport Extreme


Neither is real cheap, but they really light up the trail. I don't work for them or anything, I've used other lights and found the quality of these it top notch.



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I'm currently using a Black Diamond Moonlight headlamp. It's got 4 very bright LED's. It's great for viewing shorter distances. I find the LED lamps light falls off quicker than an incandescent. I have a Petzl Duo LED as my more powerful and a lot more heavy backup. It's got the best of both worlds!


Try one of the multi-LED models. They are light, inexpensive, and have pretty good light.



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I have a princeton tec matrix. a very nice light. you can switch it from 3 led to bulb. like I said, very nice but expensive and you have to manualy switch the bulb units out.




My buddy found these cheap rayovac lights at walmart. they have two red leds, one white, and a bulb all in one housing. a switch allows you to change the type of lighting.




I find my self leaving the matrix at home and using the cheapie. AAMOF, I used the rayovac on a backpacking trip this past weekend.

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