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I wonder if this happens in places other than Ohio.

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Originally posted by BassoonPilot:

I wonder what was "repelling" about his harness?


That made me wonder how long those people were staring at this fellow. They don't just say he had "some kind of belt" on... they actually were able to identify it as being a repelling harness.


I'd guess it was actually some type of suspension device used in "other" activities. *shudder*


Hmm... quick search of the web reveals: Repelling Harness?


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Thanks for the diversion! I'm amused to read that it was noted that he didn't try to cover himself up. Wonder where they were looking?


Y'all know the difference between naked and nekkid?


Naked is you ain't got any clothes on.


Nekkid is you ain't got any clothes on and are up to something!



"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." - Mark Twain

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1. Isn't the sight of some guy walking through the park repelling enough? Why wear a special harness? Is this something like Batman's utility belt?


2. The story said he was driving a truck. Maybe he's just an ordinary naked guy with a biner key-chain and wanted someplace to keep his keys on his outings.


3. Does anybody at Channel 4 own a dictionary? And to think people pick on the Cleveland Public Schools.


Now where did I park my car??????? monkes.gif

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Repelling harness? Most naked men NEVER want to repel any woman... icon_biggrin.gificon_wink.gif


Now a rappelling harness allows men to "hang" in a completely different way. icon_eek.gif Did the park have any sheer bluffs; as the park name implied?


The off-topic humor is fun! icon_wink.gif



Been There, Cached That, Bought the Tee-Shirt and the Hat!

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EVERYTHING in the desert cuts, stabs, bites, stings, or pricks. (no pun intended.) Sometimes even wearing cloths isn't enough if you are making your own trail.


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Prohibiting self defense is the ultimate crime. Police carry guns to protect themselves. What protects YOU ???

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