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Have any of you seen this at eBay yet?>

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saw alot of discusion over in this thread. I personally don't care for the idea, but alot of people do, or these things wouldn't keep showing up on ebay. Most of these seem to be decent caches, better then what some people make on their own, so if this keeps some people from placing trashcaches, I'll look at it as a good thing.


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As I recall, the seller referred to in the previous thread was a cacher.


As for whether one should buy premade caches, I believe that the joy of putting together a cache 'from scratch' may not be the same for all players. If the result of this is quality caches, why should I care if someone buys a cache ready-to-place or puts it together himself?


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Ma Bell and I got Chameleon a meridian gps. Turns out it's way better than her 330 map, so I think she is confiscating his Christmas present. Bad Mommy...


The mother in law bought me some more of my signature pins. If anyone is interested in a real cheap source to buy pins and patches go here:




Pins and patches are $1.50 each. No set up fee. No minimum order. And real cheap shipping.


My Avatar is the pin she did up for me.




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