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1st Annual Geo-Woodstock (Notice for the rest of the world)

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There is going to be a Geo-shindig in Louisville Kentucky on June 21, 2003.


It looks like a few of the 1000+ club are having a lawn party somewhere in the "Ville"


I'll be there with my McToy in hand (and maybe a few golfballs for SMTC).


And if you're not the social type, there are over 1000 caches in a 100-mile radius of the event.


Louisville has 3 major airports within 100 miles. Three interstates (I64, I65, and I71) run through the city. And I think the train still runs from Chicago. So there is no excuse not to attend.


For more info checkout 1st Annual Geo-Woodstock

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Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:

I can't make it. I'm refereeing co-ed mud volleyball this Saturday. Gotta have priorities!


BTW, how can I keep my digital camera clean?

I didn't hear about the co-ed mud volleyball. I may have to quickly reprioritize... icon_wink.gif



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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A little bump for this. But on this note, is there a package one can get from Geocaching.com on holding caching events? Such as rules, suggestions, etc?


If anyone has any information on putting one together, please email me. I think it would a great event to do even on a smaller scale. What a great way to bring cachers together and meet each other.


Brian Wood

Woodsters Outdoors


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I would LOVE to have an official chat time (or a particular thread) where I knew I would be able to talk with other event organizers.


I've had two that I helped get ready (and another one on the way), and attended one other fabulous one locally. But to have a brainstorming session on ideas would be great.


Then these ideas could be documented and made available for others that want to host an event...



Chicago Geocaching

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