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Ready-to-Stash Caches on Ebay....

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Actually, I have sold 3 of them to two people. One is local - in NW Washington and has had a few finds and has gotten really good feedback / responses. On top of that the guy who bought the other 2 (the ones in this discussion) left great feedback, which is available in my feedback file. I hope that helps a little bit.... icon_smile.gif



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I appreciate your getting back to us. I had checked out your feedback on eBay as part of my insatiable curiosity. The feedback that I saw mostly seemed to deal with your quick delivery.


I was hoping that the cache buyers would chime in on this forum to give you the thumbs up. I assume that these are great since you have more units currently for bid.

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I take pride in making the caches I hide. I spend time finding interesting or different things, I even put items I made myself (pottery). To simply purchase a premade cache seems to me to be a quick easy out, for people who dont take the time to assemble a cache. I relize that in short time the contents of a cache change, but at least they start out good. I would say the for the first cache I hid The total value of cache box & contents included would be around $60.00, with subsequent caches less, but still more than $10. always.



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Honestly, who cares if she's selling pre-made caches? Really? Why spend so much time here debating the merits of the auction? If you don't like the idea, don't bid. Capitalism in action. Why am I wasting time replying? I'm just hoping that I can keep other people from wasting yet more time debating a non-issue.


Now, if you bid on the cache, win it, and it's full of crap... feel free to warn everyone else off.





If it ain't broke, I can *fix* that...

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