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Magellan Contest Rigged?

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Thanks for the kind reply! Man... that's exactly why I love the geocaching community so much. When you posted that thing about Pittsburgh cachers watching out for each other, I suppose the lawyer inside of me pounced on what you didn't say too... No hard feelings on that at all, I understand what you meant now.


Also, just so there's no misunderstanding, the thing about MiGO in the last post of mine wasn't about what anyone has said... just about what I've said and how I don't want anything I say to be taken as the opinion of MiGO.


Good luck with your caching marathon, Lep! Have a good one!



-Team Zen-


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Well it looks like the 2nd Magellan treasure hunt is on for Pittsburgh. The rules say you can only win one prize so I'm not going to try and be first for this one. I may just come out for the cool gold coins!

Here is the 3rd hint.


Hint 3: An incline of terrain where bushytailed rodents occupy tree and ground.

My guess is "incline of terrain" means Hill and the bushytailed rodent is a Squirrel. Put them together and there you go. Good Luck!


Some things are lost, some left behind.

Some things are better left for someone else to find.

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If I said anything else, I'd be giving hints. No more hints, above and beyond what I said previously: the cache is hidden in a way that's designed to favor geocachers over people who read about the treasure hunt in the newspaper (there were a LOT of those folks wandering around Settlers Cabin Park for the first hunt). I'd much rather see another caching buddy win the second contest, like Sir Cache-A-Lot won the first contest. I don't care whether that cacher is from Pittsburgh, Erie, Columbus, Cleveland or someplace else.


I checked the treasure chest Thursday evening and it was snug in its hiding place. The coordinates I marked did get me back to the cache. Now go out and find it and have fun! I'm leaving now for my cache marathon.



Next time, instead of getting married, I think I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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As first finder of the second greater Pittsburgh Magellan hunt, I’m pleased to say that all participants that arrived early were very gracious and sportsmanlike in conduct. It was a very close race and any one of us could have been the first finder. Several of these fellow geocachers I’ve known for a quite a while and others I met for the first time. This was a great testament to our geo-community.


I know that this contest has caused some hard feelings and perhaps some regrettable things to be said on both sides of the fence. Again, what I witnessed yesterday was a great example of good sportsmanship and what I hope is a positive ending to a situation that started out ‘kinda ugly’.


Tim from Team Willow

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