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Palm and navman

Nurse Dave
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I just got the navman add-on for palm and want to use it for geocaching (newbie). Problem is it comes with great Rand McNally software that only lets you search for street addresses. Anyone use this set-up? I need to find a program that will let me type in lat/log and get direction and distance.


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If you go to Palm Gear and type in GPS for a search you will find dozens of programs that will run a GPS.


If you have PalmOS 3.5 or better Vito Navigation was just released a couple of days ago. I have not got it yet,but it looks like very simple program. I have found GeoNiche to be the best Geocaching program so far. It's designed with Geocaching in mind and has tons of room for notes about each hunt.


If you have a older Palm then the freeware Cetus GPS will work with PalmOS 3.0 and is free.


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CETUS has been upgraded and the new version is still free and works great on my visor pro with my Magellan companion. Handles the GPS unit at least as well as the software that comes with the unit from Magellan. You can also find this on Freewarepalm.net


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