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Which eTrex do you own?


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Yellow eTrex. The one I'm using now is a replacement for the first one, which got worn out from too much geocaching. icon_smile.gif Well... actually, I'm not sure what's wrong with the first one but it's out of warranty and it doesn't cost much more to get a new one.


Why yellow? It's simple to use, cheap to replace, and easy to find when I fall down while climbing a hill and it drops into the leaves. And I always bring paper maps (lots of Hagstrom and ADC map books) so I don't need those on the GPS.

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My Legend is working fine for me. The antenna isn't the greatest, so It loses signals inside the car away from the window and under heavy tree cover.

The 8 meg memory allows me to load the mapsource map for my area and fortunately, I live near the center of my local map, but I travel frequently outside the map, so I frequently have to load other maps. Next time, I'm getting the 32 meg e-trex (or more likely a GPS-5 for the car that my wife will use).

If you want to get a legend, check the mapsource maps and see if your local map covers the area in which you spend most of your time. If it doesn't, get 32 meg. That way you can load four maps and not have to worry too much about it.

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I love it how small and easy it is to use. waterproofness, compass and altimiter/barometer.


But I really dislike how easy it loses lock. I have to get a lock in wide open area to even venture under trees or in steep terrain. If I get a lock then put it in my pocket it loses lock. Yesterday the batteries went dead under tree cover, I swapped the batteries out then had to find a really open area to get it to lock again and it wasnt as good of a lock as I had gotten from the parking lot.


D. Best

one of the bestfamily4

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I have two GPSr's one for flying (Garmin 196) and a Vista for GeoCaching. I actually use the 196 and download the same waypoint data to it, and then use it to do the work to take me to the GC waypoints without having to worry about getting lost in neighborhoods and places that I have not been to. It works great!


The Vista is the radio of choice when we get on the scene though. It is amazing and with the $50. rebate out now, it's a real bargain for all that technology.


*Blue Skies!*




If at first you don't succeed, SKYDIVING NOT FOR YOU!

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