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what do the icons to the left mean?

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Just immediatly to the left of the subject line in the list of topics in this forum there are little icons. I understand how the ones in the second column get there (click the button on the subject line when composing the message) but what do they mean? Are they arbitrary, or open to individual interpretation?

And the first colum, it looks like a post-it notes pad. What does it mean? I see there are variations on this one as well. I understand the one with the mini lock (locked topic) but what does the "pac-man" mean next to the note pad?

Just curious (and bored on a suday afternoon)...

Any and all answers are welcome. Thanks.

Kirk out.

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I think your talking about the column between the 'topic name' and 'new/hot' column??

There not explain anywhere as far as I know, but they are IMO supposed to be a quick refrence to the purpose of the topic. ? for a question, ! for a rant, thumbs down for something you dont like etc.

But the default is the single page one, and no one uses them much anyways, so it doesn't really help.


Edit: I think maybe your talking about the farthest left column???

They're usally just a 'folder', yellow for new replies since last visit, plain white or something for ones without new replies, and the other one that your calling pacman?? Is really a duck... joking. Its suppose to be a HOT topic, I dont know if that needs a certain total number of replies, or a number in a time limit or what.



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