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hydration bladders

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Clean it out. I dont know withwhat though. Maybe some of the camelbak owners can offer more help. Cause I know what your talking about. When you first get a Nalgene Bottle the water tasts horrible but after some cleaning it tatstes normal.


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Check out this site for good advice on how to maintain their stuff:




In particular the instructions under the cleaning link for how to "freshen" your pack.


Personally, I prefer Nalgene hydration packs. I try to clean thoroughly immediately after use, and store it DRY.


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Buy a Platypus bladder. I had several Camelbaks and replaced the bladders with Platypus bladders. It was worth the expense to me. I couldn't stand the plastic taste and nothing I did, bleaching, baking soda, rinsing, washing, was able to get rid of it.


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I've been happy with the Platypus bladders that I've got. I think the bite valve has a gross plastic taste though. Usually I just screw on the cap and take it out of my pack when I need a drink instead of using the tube. I just like them because they hold a lot of water and they take up little space.

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I use a BLACKHAWK INDUSTRIES CYCLONE backpack and hydration unit. Blackhawk gear is heavy duty gear that is built to perform and last. The Cyclone holds two 100oz bladders with routing for both hoses, and has them housed away from your gear in a separate pouch. Here is a list of what I carry while caching with my family:


For the TRIOGEO family (wife, 3 yr old, and me) we take:


Blackhawk Industries Cyclone (100 oz H2O x 2)2400ci of storage (with side packs)

Magellan meridian Gold

Case for Gps (on shoulder strap)

Cell phone

Whistle (on shoulder strap)

First aid kit

Leatherman tool (on shoulder strap)

Spare socks (for everyone)

spare Shorts (for everyone)

Spare t shirt (for everyone)



Toilet paper



Signal mirror


Ziplock bags


Cahce pages


Emergency blanket (large size - for shelter also)

Flashlight (X2 - Surefire 8ax and 2D flood)

Chemlight sticks (keeps child amused at dusk)

Cache items (for trade)

Zip ties

50' of climbing rope

100'of paracord


Large plastic trash bags (for trash and panchos)

Digital Camera

Small binoculars

Frs radios

Spare batteries

MRE's (emergency food)

Snacks & light food (we have lunch/dinner while out)

Glock entrenching tool (camp shovel)

Glock model 27 .40 S&W (in M16 magazine pouch)


Seems like much, but packs all together in a nice little package that we can take anywhere. Living in South Florida, we see sudden and violent weather changes, and having my family with me on all of our caches, I like being prepared!


Besides, I have the light pack, the wife carries the child when needed! LOL icon_biggrin.gif


Don't by from Blackhawk direct though, look around first, you can get them for less from most LE / Mil suppliers.


You can see the Cyclone at:



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Any recommendations for a bp with a bladder?


I have an Arc'Teryx Spear 25 with a hydration sleeve. I purchased a Platypus bladder to go inside. A actually I purchased several Platypus bladders in a few different sizes so I can choose the size appropriate for my trek.


It's a very nice pack. I would recommend the Spear 25 to anyone who travels fairly light (that leaves out TRIOGEO). In addition to the water bladder, there is enough room to carry everything one would need for a summer dayhike.


Personally, I find the Spear 25 to be a bit small for my needs because I use my daypacks for snowshoeing and winter hikes (I always bring plenty of extra clothing) and I'm usually carrying extra stuff for my wife and daughter. Because of this, I'm looking for a larger daypack. Some good brands and ones that I am considering are Mountainsmith, Dana Designs, Jack Wolfskin, Gregory, Osprey and Arc'Teryx. Just check the manufacturer's website to make sure the pack is hydration compatible.


"An appeaser is one who keeps feeding a crocodile-hoping it will eat him last" -Winston Churchill


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