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Any replies would be good.. for this 1!

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My other half and I went geocaching the past two days and came across something unusual on the way to the cache following one of the many trails. It was bizarre. I was wondering since it is a stationary object. And it is easy to see when you look in that direction... (and everyone has seen one of these in there day... if not tons a day). My question is can i go back and make a virtual cache out of the object. Its just so bizarre why its out there, and i thought about this since I have come across it. I was curious if you were in my shoes would you make a cache out of it, or just chalk it up to WEIRDNESS!! Thx icon_wink.gif

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I'd make a virtual cache out of the item, however, you might want to check with the cache owner of the existing cache to see if they have a problem if the caches would be very close together. icon_biggrin.gif


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On one of my caches, a finder sent me an e-mail, pointing out a nearby historic site that I might want to mention on my cache page and encourage visits to while people were in the area. I did so, and then later (when long term flooding made the original stage 1 of my multi-cache inaccessible), I modified the cache page to use his suggestion as replacement first stage.


In your case, since the object was directly en route to another cache, I would recommend posting a mention of it (along with its coordinates) in your post, or e-mail the cache owner and suggest that they add the information to their cache description.



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HAHA... I almost fell for it!! Magellan 315... I use to live near you, in Orlando. But how ever i did take the advice I was given, I have contacted one of the cache owners near it.. they were excitied that something weird was near their cache. So I will make a virtual cache.. my first. WooHoo!!! Thx all again!! icon_biggrin.gif

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