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Make your TB Joker anonymous


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OK, I was in here the other day an asked if it would be OK to create an anonymous account for an anonymous travel bug I wanted to send out on its way. Got a couple of replies from some respectable geocachers so I went and did it.


Now that I have the TB Joker account, I will be happy to associate a joke travel bug for someone if they want to remain anonymous icon_smile.gif This way there would be one easy place to watch all the fun. Besides, I always like to be in on a good gag.


Note1: I know I'm easily tracked back to this account, but it wouldn't be easily tracked back to you icon_smile.gif


Note2: I would have posted this with that bogus account but I don't think that is allowed.


Finally: What other good gag TB are out there! I would love to know more.


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It would be cool to have a travel bug with instructions on how to pull a gag on a friend in a different state. When the closest GeoCacher gets to that person, they could be the one to deliver the blow.


I wonder if an area club could get one over another area club?


How about having each geocacher send a thank you letter to the person getting the prank? Thanks for the great evening... thanks for the flowers.


The first one I sent off is going to have each geocacher simply send a picture to my friends. It will drive them nuts trying to figure out why they are getting random pictures in the mail icon_smile.gif

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Originally posted by Planet:

This has to be the funniest TB I have seen yet:


ROFLMAO... I can only hope my TB will be anywhere near this funny. I thought my wife was going to hurt herself she was laughing so hard.


Originally posted by Search1128:

This is a fun and refreshing idea. I like it. I put the TB on my watch list. If it is successful, I may consider doing a TB similar to this. Good Job.

Kirk out.

I kinda wish I would have put it in a more active cache to start out... I was just in such a hury to get it rolling. If it doesn't move by this weekend, I will get it and drop it in another.

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