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Calling Cards


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I just posted this same topic on another forum by mistake,sorry,so here it is again.Calling Cards,do they stay in a Cache for the owner or are they fair game for the finder?I have taken a few that are really cool,is this O.K.?Some are like works of art,my own included.I would like some views on this topic.

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When we leave ours we usually assume they are going to stay with the cache. Sometimes there get to be quiet a collection and it's fun to look through. But we have been to caches where our card was traded there before we got there. No big deal. But some people's card say "this cache found by" seems those for sure are supposed to stay there.


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I'm not sure that I understand the question, but here's my opinion. (Sure, I can give my opinion even if I don't know the topic. icon_biggrin.gif)


  • A 'calling card' could be a personalized object such as a coin or personalized trink. In this case, in my opinion, they are fair game. Trade for it if you want it.
  • Actual cards such as mentioned above that say something like 'This cache found by SBELL111, the greatest cacher on Earth!' should probably stay with the cache.
  • A while back 'cacher trading cards' were discussed. (I guess these would just say 'SBELL111, the greatest cacher on Earth'.) These would be trade items.
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Ham radio operators trade what are called QSL cards. In the international "Q" code, this is an acknowledgement of receipt of a message. These QSL cards are then collected and displayed. Just as with avatars, people devote time and effort into their design.


It would be cool to have Cache Site Location/Located cards to collect. Inside the cache, there would be site specific cards for finders to take. Finders could leave their Cache Site Located cards for cache owners to collect during cache maintenance.


If the physical aspect is too costly (or inappropriate for microcaches), this could also be done electronically when caches are logged. You could then have a digital scrapbook of CSL showing off your caches found as well as one with CSLs that include the comments of those geocachers who have visited your caches.


In the ham radio world, designing your QSL cards was/is an essential task. As such, this same topic came up in the ham radio forum a while back. See "QSL cards for caches" last updated Sept 2002 but started in February 2002.






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At first I thought you were talking about prepaid phone cards, but after reading further I think you're talking about these personal "business cards" that many cachers around me seem to leave in caches.


Personally I don't see the point. These people always sign the logbook, so leaving the card seems superfluous, and just junks up the cache, IMO.


Now prepaid phone cards, that would be cool...


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Ya leaves somethin' in a cache, then someones cans takes it. Dem's the rules. Many people collect "calling cards" and "signature items". So go ahead and take the item and use it for whatever you like.


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Here in Michigan....we recently had the same question on our forums. Many of us like to collect and trade our "Signature" cards or trade items. We have our card, and a signature item being made....we collect cards or items from fellow cachers.....and they with us. Some teams follow around the state just to get an item from a certain cacher. Its a pretty good game we play and we have a very active membership in our organization. Loads of fun.


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I agree with LilDevil above. I think they take up space for a purpose that the log book already provides.


As for people collecting them and trading them, I guess if that actually happens, I can see the point. I have zero interest in collecting "personal business cards".

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At a social our group had here in Michigan we had an auction of a cache that contained signature items. I lost the bid to UMC but I bought it from him. It's cool to collect signature items. I even have a sig item with a cartoon action hero I made back when I was in 8th Grade, that action hero's name was Radman!




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My signature item is a GC.com logo guitar pick (don't worry, I have permission from TPTB) attached to a card with my user name on it. So far there is only ONE in the entire WORLD out in a cache. I've numbered my sig items so that you know how many I've placed before the one you find. As far as whether it's there for the cache owner or a cache finder, it doesn't really matter to me. If you're a finder and you want it, by all means, TAKE IT...just be sure and trade for it. Sig item collecting is sort of neat, although I don't have anyone's sig item yet. I would probably, however, trade for one if I found it in a cache. I've posted a pic of my very first sig item (#001) which is currently hiding inside Belle Island Cache and Carry. If you want it, go get it. There will never be another #001 rag-a-muffin GC.com guitar pick!



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Originally posted by FISUR:

rag-a-muffin: Very Nice! Please drop a couple of picks off a bit further north (like New England).






Sadly, I'm moving further SOUTH for the summer in just a few days. Those of you in the Atlanta area may have a shot at getting some of my sig items. I also may be paying a visit to the Galveston, TX area late this summer. For you New Englanders, you just might have to wait 'till I'm headed that way.



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Originally posted by Cadwalader & the Golden Horde:

Instead of a calling card we have printed two different sizes of address / mailing labels with "Cadwalader & the Golden Horde were here" QUOTE]


I like that idea. We had thought about a rubber stamp that said "Found by TX Diva and Dark Star" but I think that address labels would be a much easier carry! Thanks for the idea' I intend to steal it promptly. icon_wink.gif

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I never called it a calling card, I call it more of a signature item.

I collection state quarters so I thought that I would make a sig item that has something to do with the state quarters. I feel that they are fair game to trade and I hope that people would take and trade them if they like or if they think they are neat they could even keep it for them self.



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I re-designed my calling card a while back so it's the same size as the traditional "trading card." Sorta tried to make it look like one with a picture on the front and stats on the back.


I put my signature lighthouse pins on the card and then seal them up in little ziplock baggies. Hopefully that keeps them dry.




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