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Printing Large Maps

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Does anyone know of a program or have an helpful solution to printing out a large map. I have a lot of maps that would be useful to use if I could print them out like the size of regular maps. But when I try to break things up to print on individual sheets of paper and try to tape them together I never seem to get the proportions right so that they align.


Any good ideas?


M-D-M Explorations

MrSki and DogMa

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88º 11.647'W

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Solohiker was asking about a large format printer and I recco'd an Epson 1520



Something else I thought about last night was I found (ebay?) some of the old pen type plotters for cheap when I was buying an inkjet plotter. I'd find out if I could get drivers for it before buying one. Oh, and they are slow too.


When GPSr's are outlawed, only Outlaws will have GPSr's.

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