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Question on waypoint ID format

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I just made a new cache that was given a waypoint ID GCG4PP. A while back I thought I read something about the last 4 digits having to be 0-9 or A-F (hex). Has that changed? I only noticed this because I tried to use a free "rate this cache" tool I ran across that evidently assumes the waypoint ID is in hex. Have we surpassed 65,000 caches?

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Originally posted by Markwell:

Yep. They ran out of 4 digit hex. Elias hasn't released what the new coding scheme is other than a vague reference to base36 or some other base.

I'd swear that elias had put out a fairly good description of the new scheme, but it appears that that topic got lost in the forum conversion.... I found a few Markwells to it, but the links were broken. And it's not turning up in my searches now....





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The 31 digits of the new waypoint scheme are:



So, basically, for IDs < 65536, use the hexadecimal representation of the ID. For IDs >= 65536, use the base-31 representation of the ID + 411120 (the offset, in decimal, to make 65536 decimal == G000 base-31).


(And yes, I did get the digit list from Elias in the thread, wherever it is. icon_biggrin.gif The math was mine. icon_wink.gif)


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