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Inability to log-in to the Magellan Treasure Hunt Website


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I got into it, but it seemed like it was a bigger pain in the you know what than it needed to be.


Usually I can get in now, but sometimes it seems like the page takes forever to give you access to anything. Maybe you just tried on a bad night when the server had the hiccups or something.


Give it a couple hours or a day and see what happens.


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If you're using AOL, that could be the problem. I was having the same difficulty logging in. Create another account with a different email address and use your MS internet explorer browser. That did the trick for me. Whatever you do, don't try to change your password. You'll get locked out agian, and have to use yet another email address, and create another account.



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If you're using AOL, that could be the problem. I was having the same difficulty logging in. Create another account with a different email address and use your MS internet explorer browser

Well, duh now I feel pretty dumb. I too have been unable to log into the Magellen site. When the new forums opened I had the same problem. Eric? suggested I do just this. Now where did I put my short term memory thingy? icon_rolleyes.gif


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I had the same problem...post a log in the fourms raising hell about it. A couple of days later Magellan sent me an email saying they had fixed it. icon_rolleyes.gif Last night I tried to log on and it kept wanting me to update my profile. No matter what I did...just kept taking me to that page saying my profile was updated icon_mad.gif


Try going in from your Internet Explorer. I have found no problems while doing this.


You have to wonder who their webmaster is...must be a deep undercover agent that works for Garmin! icon_biggrin.gif


Please ...please tell us that it's not the same person that writes their navigating software! icon_razz.gif


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Are any of you who can't log on using a Mac (system 9.x) and IE? I was able to get on for a few days, then all of a sudden.... nope. Tried and tried... even tried with 3 different Macs at different locations and it won't let me log in. I switched over to Netscape (way slower) but I can log in with Netscape. My guess is they upgraded some kind of security settings and the Mac IE just doesn't like it. Just a thought, but it worked for me.

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I changed my home security settings and still can't get in! I wonder... Are any of the people having troubles using a Mac? I know that IE for Mac is old, so I'll try some different browsers (give me a day or two to play with them, I have 5 but I need to update them all).


I get on at work just fine.



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Man, I got the same setup as TrackerGirl...Mac 9.x, Internet Explorer, was working fine, now...nothing. Opened it a friends with a PC and IE over weekend, thats fine. Yeah, its all cable too. Man, beats me what the issue is. Guess no free GPS's for me!




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"I keep going around in circles on that site.

From the geocache page, I click on the click here to start page, it brings me to the login page, I log in and it sends me back to the previous page.

Around and around."



I figured it out. I had cookies blocked. After I allowed cookies, it let me into the site.



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I still can't get logged on. I think it is just some huge ploy to pummel us with advertisments while we sit there trying to log an to something you can never log on too. I am sure they are also behind the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and helped D.B. Cooper get away. Oh, and aliens...yeah aliens...them too.

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I hadn't read carefully and see that TrackerGirl had the same problem and is using a Mac. That motivates me more to check out other browsers. I thought I had 5, but it turns out I trashed most of them. I'll re-download and try the new Apple browser and Mozilla over the weekend, see what happens and report back. Maybe I'll try Omni Web too. I still have Netscape and an old Mozilla, but I don't like Netscape on Mac and have been meaning to get the new Apple browser and latest Mozillza anyway.



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TrackerGirl: Can you use OSX? I use that and will experiment with browsers some over the weekend. I was pretty happy with Mozilla when I tried it out, but trashed it when it wouldn't load ESPN fantasy football live drafts for me last year. I'm going to re-explore new versions and try the new Apple browser, which should be optimized for OSX (IE isn't going to update anymore because of that). I don't know if you can use either browser in less than OSX. Maybe Mozilla, but I doubt the Apple, but it is worth a look. I'll try to see if they say they work with less than OSX! Both should be much better than Netscape in general. Of course I will use Nestscape to get into the Magallen site if that is what it takes!



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I could run OSX on my laptop, but not my desktop machine. (But I don't have it anyhow - been considering it though.) I don't have any OSX software and still TONS of OS 9 compatible stuff. The time is coming where I am sure I will HAVE to change over though. For now, 9 and Netscape for this game I am afraid. (But it works!!) LOL

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OK, I've had an interesting day experimenting with this. First, I downloaded Safari, but D'oh! I didn't read the system requirements carefully enough. You need OSX Jaguar to run it and I don't have that because I'm cheap and am waiting for Panther (I think that is the name of the upcoming new one). Anyway, a half hour spent, but hopefully not wasted, because now I have it when I upgrade the OS. But, then again, there will probably be an update by then!


So, then I downloaded Mozilla 1.4. Took an hour and then I found that there was a data error in the download, so that was wasted!


Anyway, I reloaded Mozilla 1.0 from a CD and tried that. It worked fine and got me into the Magellan hidden caches page! I assume later versions will work just as well. I think you need OSX for Mozilla 1.4 but I know that you can download earlier versions for 9.x. Go to Mozilla.org for info. BTW, it is free. You might have to browse around a bit (try the release notes) to find the earlier versions for OS 9.x.


I have Omni web and Opera on CD and could try those, but frankly, from what I've read about Safari and my experiences with the others, I think Mozilla or Safari are the way to go.


Oh! you can get Safari for free here



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