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Junky caches

Nurse Dave
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Just started caching and the first two we found had items in that would come from the "free" box of goodwill. Is this the norm? We upgraded what we took, but I could see after a while it would get irritating always being the one putting in the better items. icon_rolleyes.gif


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Ok I'll admit to being VERY new at this. But having seen this thread a few times I have to wonder.


Is there a basic amount people are required to spend on the treasures they put in a cache when they start it? Are we required to use a minimum dollar amount for treasures we leave?


I started my first cache with about $9.00 of trinkets. Im lucky to be one of those people who could have spent triple on it and still not have been a problem. My plan is to always leave a PEZ container, cost $1.59, but very cool (at least to me).


My point with this rant is that one mans trash is another mans treasure. I would hate to think that in order to place a cache or visit one a person would have to be prequalified for the quality and cost of their trinkets.


I could be wrong but it seems that it takes the same amount of skill and luck to find a Treasure Cache as a Trashy Cache.


I could be very wrong on all of the above, i'ts just MHO.


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Just use common sense when placing stuff. Things that are new or near new and could be of use to someone are all you need. Broken, dirty and useless items should be avoided. I found a used Metrocard in one of my caches. Now what the heck is that crap?


When I place a cache I use items I find on my workbench, inexpensive stuff I find in supermarkets, hardware stores, sporting goods, office supply stores and similar places. I usually spend $20 -$25 on a cache, including the container.


I'm always on the lookout for items. Currently,

I have a box filled with items marked to go in a future cache, or to be used as trade items. Among the items (just looking at the stuff on top) are 4 new emergency ponchos (1.75 at the supermarket), 2 new Platypus waterbottles (3.99 on sale at Campmor), a assortment pack of fishing bobbers, (2.99 at a local outdoor store), several 4 packs of AA batteries (1.50 each on sale in grocery store), 3 collapsable drink cups (1.49 at Campmor), 6 emergency "space blankets" ($2 each at local outdoor store), some new luggage locks (forget how much and where, but I'm sure less than $3), an exacto knife ($3 at Staples). Also a lot of new Matchbox and HotWheels cars that I picked up for about $2 each. There is more stuff at the bottom, but I don't feel like digging through the whole thing.


My point is that you can stock a cache with usseful stuff without spending a ton. Same goes for trade items


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