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Boxers or Briefs? :rolleyes:


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I didn't bring anything else to trade, but wanted to remove the pocketknife from the cache in order to stick to the guidelines for the safety of all. I just washed 'em a week ago, so I guess I'm trading up since they're still clean icon_biggrin.gif Hey, at least I didn't leave a pinecone or dirty golfball...


...Not all who wander are lost... unless the batteries in their GPS die, their maps get ruined by rainwater when their pack leaks, and they find themselves in a laurel thicket. Then, they are probably lost.

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Criminal: I suppose that based on the phrase under your avatar you voted "free-ball?"


Being a woman, panties is my answer. But I love to wear boxers around the house. I would wear them caching but they bunch up too much under clothes. I'm not about to go caching in only boxers! icon_rolleyes.gif



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I tend to go with just panties (pink) even. It detures non-caches from approching me and asking what I am doing......lol


No really ---Boxers - there is a reason why they call tighty whities and thats no fun hiking.....


Every time i cache i say i need a second job, everytime i apply for a job i realize there will be no time to cache???

See You In the Woods!!!


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