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We're in the paper!

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I've added the text to my website. You can view it here

I made a couple of slight modifications, such as Jessica is 4 not 5 as mentioned in the original article. Overall, I thought it was very well written and puts a positive spin on Geocaching in Albuquerque (and Geocaching in general).

We hiked about 1.6 miles round trip on 3 caches last week with the reporter and photographer. The photographer had a lot of fun chasing the kids down the trail. I'll scan the two pictures in later and add them to the website. I'll also check with the paper to see if I can get copies of the originals.

Thanks for the positive comments!



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One of the best portrayals of our activity that I've seen. You must have done a good job in explaining everything to the reporter, plus the reporter knows how to write.


It was cool reading about your Intel travel bug, which I just moved for you across Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Scranton. Hopefully he will get to an Intel facility in the northeast sometime soon.



Some mornings, it just doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips

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Unfortunately, the online version does not have pictures. I'll post them when I get copies made and scanned in.


Leprechauns, thanks for moving my TB. I was surprised it was mentioned in the paper. I guess it's because we found a TB at a cache, so I told her about my TB. She did quite a bit of research including finding out where my TB was. BTW, there is an Intel site in Massachusetts.



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Good luck with your Intel Bug... If he every comes my way, I might be able to get him IN an Intel facility....


I'm just hoping that my Cleanroom Bug resurfaces (last seen in the tip of Nevada, taken by non-logging cacher(s?) the LSTroopers (and/or the Labhunters)...





"The number you have reached is imaginary, please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again... <beeeeep>"

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Originally posted by cachew nut:

I thought the first cache was hidden by someone else.

I suppose you are right. The Geocaching Credits page lists Mike Teague as the first to FIND the container. I had always heard it as he was the one to hide it. I'm not sure if I gave the reporter his name or if she looked it up herself. She did some good research for the article, this was one of the very few mistakes in it. She also spoke with a couple of other cachers in the area.



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