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What they say and what they really mean....


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clearpath wrote:

Oh the joy. What would a day in the forums be like if the Canadians weren't mixing it up? You people are awesome. Thanks for the entertainment.

You're very welcome!


Have to say though, that it wouldn't be nearly the same without the likes of yourself being here too. icon_wink.gif


Now if we could just figure out that Zuuky was trying to say in his last post. icon_rolleyes.gif



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When people say "Did you go off of your meds to come up with that one?"


They really mean "Dang it, I can't say 'Shut up, RK', I guess I'll have to use my other standby phrase." icon_wink.gif



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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When someone says: "I have noticed that on these forums, what people say, is often not actually what they mean."<BR><BR>What they actually mean is:<BR><BR>"I tell you all the time how smart I am, but in reality, only I think I'm that smart but I tell you anyway because it helps to inflate my already inflated ego. In reality, I'm nothing but a low life ambulance chaser and I'm not really good at that either otherwise I'd be out helping people get a fair settlement for their suffering rather than spending all my time in the forums harrassing people. I have no idea what people are saying because I don't read their posts carefully enough and even then, I'll pick the most trivial aspect of their post to focus on. Oh, and don't let me forget that I feel compelled to take discussions off topic and then blame anyone who's trying to put it back on topic as the one who took it off topic."<BR><BR>Thanks for starting this topic. It's a really good one. icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin::P--><BR><BR>*****

I really expected a lot more "because it is I, MMMMMooojo JOjomarac" and "as you think I, Mmmmooojo JOjomarac, am telling you because" in between the run-on...I guess it's not his secret identity after all...



Must see Powerpuff Girls to get this one.

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What is this topic doing floating near the top?


I thought the monsters had all gone home.



And now it's time to cache.


The end.

What it means:




I have a wet blanket. It doesn't smell because I wash it every day. I just like to keep it wet. You wouldn't understand because you're not me, so move along and let this old topic die a natural death." :P



That's the spirit Zuuk. Good to see ya buddy. I've missed you.....and your wet blanket. :)

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[! serious]


I’m not trying to start any flaming here, but the numbers don't really matter to me. IMHO, this thead is getting way too far off-topic so would someone please just close this thread already? Thanks.


Serious people suck (means I AM NOT being serious).




My numbers do matter to me, slightly. Every so often the urge hits me that one of those numbers needs to be incremented. Not very often but enough that I pay attention. :P


My apologies for including all the wrong stuff in a single post. I just had to see if I could get all of those sayings in one paragraph.

Edited by smenzel
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What they say: I've enjoyed reading your posts, and I agree with most of them. You have always seemed to insert something positive and helpful.


What they mean: God I'm bored. I'd love to flame you, you stinking idiot, but if I do, my warn meter will go even farther up than it is now, so I'll just kiss some behind and hope the mods will take me down a notch or two to the mid-40's at least.

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