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Deadline for Official Geocaching Logo Submissions

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As Gustaf so aptly stated, a community endorsed logo is intended to make us automatically think of geocaching when we see it.


In order to have that 'instant recognition' factor, it would be beneficial to vote on a single "official" logo accepted by the geocaching community as a whole. (It would still be acceptable for individuals to use any or all of the other logos that have been shared, or even to continuing creating new designs of their own, if they like, for personal use. Nobody is saying that anyone 'has' to use the official logo, but just that it would allow for a universally recognized symbol for the community in general.)


My suggestion is that we set a timeframe for accepting additional logo entries...and at the end of that timeframe, have a voting period for choosing the official logo. I think there are a lot of people who are excited about this, and would like to order some logo merchandise; but would like to use the 'official' version, whatever it may end up as.


So rather than drag this thing out forever, how about we set a deadline? What seems like a reasonable timeframe to continue accepting submissions? (After that's decided, we can then decide how long the voting polls should be left open. But first things first...)


The last day for submissions should be:

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