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What GPS unit are you currently using?

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I use a Magellan GPS Companion plugged into a Handspring Visor springboard slot. But I never bother to load any software, waypoints, or maps into the PDA. I just use the GPS Companion with the basic lat/lon display that comes in its ROM. I got this a couple years ago before I knew what geocaching was. Even though this setup is capable of handling maps, cache description pages, etc, I don't use it that way because I have a superior solution (IMHO)...


I have a Toshiba laptop with 15" display that I picked up new from Best Buy for $650 last XMAS. I added a Deluo USB GPSr ($80) to it. I run Redhat Linux and the free GpsDrive software on the laptop. Thats what I use in the car for maps, waypoints, the cache description pages, and navigating between caches. The display is large enough that I can read it easily while I'm driving, and my kids like to run it as well. It also doubles as a game machine and car DVD player to entertain the kids. :-)

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I chose the Magellan Meridian Platinum for nothing more than all the bells and whistles icon_biggrin.gif . Magnetic compass is a big plus as well as being fully waterproof. I use Mapsend Streets and Destinations to navigate around the city and it works great. I also use a 128mb Scandisk for additional memory. Despite them only recommending up to a 64mb disc I have experienced no problems using a larger memory. However on the cheaper end (price wise) I cache with a friend that use the Garmin Etrex and I am very impressed with what Garmin has to offer for the price you are paying. When I got started I knew nothing about GPS's. I think it is really important to decide how much you want to spend and shop in your price range.

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