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How many have you recruited

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I initially told my sisters who live many states away. One of them took the bait and went out and bought the next step up Magellan that I have, (she always has to show me up! icon_smile.gif.)


She rushed out and found 5, count 'em 5, caches and has lost interest. She didn't hide any so i figure there's no harm done.


I have told a few close friends that seem very interested but as of yet they have not registered.


I think my greatest addition to the sport is showing it to my young teen children and a few of their friends. I just love giving my GPSr to a 14 yr. old and showing him what to do and standing back to hear the word....."COOL!!" I know they're hooked! They'll be the cachers of the future!





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I found caching by reading a newspaper article and asked my Mom to buy me a GPS for X-mas so I could do it. Then, I got my boyfriend and his son into it. Then, I took my Mom out and she loved it and immediately bought the same GPS that she got for me. Now, her and Dad do it and have more than twice the finds as me! Oh the joy for them of being retired! I wish I had that time! So, I guess my total equals 4!



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Originally posted by TeamBoonieHat:

I've only been caching about a month and have introduced a few more folks to the sport. My 2 older sisters, My niece and her husband, 2 co-workers, and my Army/Fishing/(and now)Caching buddy. Total= 6. How many have you recruited/ enlisted/ drafted?


Hope you are teaching them the right way. Such as what to do with travel bugs and to reconceal the cache so the next cacher can enjoy the hunt. And take care of the property where the cache is located




Love caching

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I wrote an editorial in my magazine last year on how much I loved caching. I recieved a lot of letters from folks saying they had gone out and bought a GPS and taken up the sport. icon_biggrin.gif


Of course I can't say how many of them actually stuck with it. But I do run into readers here in the forums all the time. If I had to guess (based on feedback) I'd have to say over 70 people picked up the GPSr from being nudged by my comments.


A lot of my caches have logs saying "Thanks for turning me on to this!" or something similar written in them. It's a good feeling.


Apart from the magazine I've turned on at least 6 friends, a co-worker and my brother to the sport.


I don't push it. IF somebody asks about it I give them the rundown on it and point them toward the website. Nothing sells geocaching quite like these forums.


Oh btw, I was turned on to geocaching by one of my readers who knew it was right down my alley. So what goes around comes around.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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I've been trying to recruite everyone I come in contact with.


Let's see:


The local police department...

The Fed Ex Man that delivered my Garmin...

The guys behind the counter at Academy Sport...

A guy that is offering to make our group t-shirts...

Some friends in Missouri - the husband is interested, but the wife won't take the bait...

A favorite Uncle from California...

My father...

My mother...

The neighbors next door...


Basically, anyone that will listen to me, I give them the spill and a business card...


"Nice find! I must go tell Harry, Ron and Hermione."

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Mark me as one of Jolly's converts, it was his magazine that got me in.


It turn, my father is now in, as well as 2 of my friends. My mother in law just bought my father in law a GSP'er, and I took him on his first cache. He is on the fence, so I cannot add him.......yet.


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Not including my family, 10 cachers directly... most of them ham operators who heard me on the radio while caching.


However, my daughter and I were featured on the front page of the saturday paper, above the fold ane in color... while geocaching. No telling how many people we brought in that way. I wear a distinctive hat, and several people on the trail have commented about that article after meeting us on the trail.


So the answer is ... who knows?


Mike. Desert_Warrior (aka KD9KC).

El Paso, Texas.


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ZERO!but not for trying. My brother went with me on one hunt and ended up buying a Garmin V but has no interest in Geocaching. I've had some odd hobbies before so nobody pays me much attention. The local paper did do a story about one of my caches (they didn't contact me though), so maybe someone who read that article is now geocaching.



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Well I've recruited 1 person that is currently active. 3 people at my work are very interested, but I think probably will never sign up. I also talked to a lady this past weekend who was interested. That was interesting, the better half and I were at the Pontiac Excitement Nationals (NHRA pro race outside of Columbus, OH). I was wearing my CITO shirt and a lady comes up and says "Excuse me, do you do that GPS thing?" I was a little confused at first, becuase I forgot I had that shirt on, not only that but I was wearing a backpack so you could only see the front, and there were probably about 60,000 people in attendance. So I was very surprised to be approached about it. She was from the Pittsburgh area and recently read about it in Time magazine. We talked for a little while, and I answered a few of her questions (even though I had a mouthfull of Moon Pie icon_biggrin.gif ). So that was pretty cool. I'll probably never know if she becomes active though.


Mr. 0


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None, directly.


A whole bunch, indirectly, by was of a news report that aired a little over a year ago on our local FOX affiliate. My family and I were accompanied on a cache hunt by a reporter, a cameraman, and a producer. When the feature aired, there was a huge spike in the number of new geocachers in the area, and several are now among the most prolific cachers in Texas.


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While my fiance, my roommate, and my sister all tag along when I go caching, the only real active recruits I have are my future brother-in-law and my father. The former is a gadgets nerd and simply had to have a GPS... the geocaching was kind of like a bonus for him. My father loves geocaching because he gets to show off his navigation skills.... we actually just got him a GPS for father's day. Up until then he was caching vicariously through me. icon_wink.gif

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Well, I've recruited a few, not too many, but I've exposed a bunch of people to the sport through talking about it and showing them the web page, maybe they'll catch on at some later time. However, one family I recruited that became avid cachers is the family of Major Lee Flemming, U. S. Army, currently stationed in Iraq with the 101st. He just headed over there a few days ago after being assigned to the 1st Brigade and reporting to Fort Campbell, Kentucky after completing the Command & General Staff college. We were Captains together and worked together at my last assignment before I retired, in fact his promotion ceremony to Major and my retirement ceremony were held together. His wife and daughter, my kids and I, and another Major we worked with and her son went Geocaching together just before all that happened and we had a great time on a multi where we found one of those fake lottery scratch off tickets and we thought we had won $10,000 dollars....LOL. It was one of the best days ever, even when Lee called me at about midnight to tell me he had re-read the ticket a little more thoroughly and found that it wasn't real... and he felt so bad, while I was laughing my head off.


I tell you this in order to make a request. Please pray for my buddy while he's in harm's way, as I've prayed for the loved ones of those of you who have them there as well (Mike, if you're reading this, your son is one of them). Lee is one of those guys that is in the thick of it at all times, and has a cool head and a big heart. He's where the rubber meets the road folks, not in a chair behind a desk somewhere. I wish everyone who posts here could meet him and his family, you'd wind up liking and respecting him just as much as I do. If I never recruit anyone else into Geocaching, I'll still feel like I've done a good job already.



"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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web-ling wrote:

A whole bunch, indirectly, by was of a news report that aired a little over a year ago on our local FOX affiliate. My family and I were accompanied on a cache hunt by a reporter, a cameraman, and a producer. When the feature aired, there was a huge spike in the number of new geocachers in the area, and several are now among the most prolific cachers in Texas.

I was one of those folks that saw the Fox feature. I think in was in Feb. of last year. I thought it looked like fun and bought a yellow eTrex on eBay about a week later.

The rest is history!

Thanks for getting me started with this game, Rich! icon_cool.gif



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I should have tried to keep track of this...but I bet it's one of those "Pay it forward" things where you'll never really figure out how many and who.


Official member count would be 3, I think....then there's one guy who's gone nuts with it who was introduced by one of my recruits, so I guess that counts....and other than that there area a whole bunch of family members who have put up with this pastime in varying degrees...all of them seem to love it, though.


My wife was checking messages on her crochet list last night and was surprised to find out that a couple of her friends are avid cachers too. Looks like we need a geo-afghan to follow up the ol' geo-quilt icon_wink.gif




"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44

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