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ways to boost knowlegde of site around town

Guest ~*SailorMoonBeam*~
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Guest cache_ninja

where are you?

try contacting some local press, its an easy story to pitch-this has worked for many people. i suggest you have a few caches hidden in the area before approaching anyone..



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Guest Dave P

I made up a flyer and posted it at a local wilderness store and some bicycle trail-heads (on bulletin boards, not trees). Don't know if the response has been from them, but people are starting to find my hidden caches now.

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Guest Anton



Send an announcement about local activity to the "pennysaver" newspaper in your town, the publication with all the classifieds for people selling cars and holding garage sales, etc.


Talk to the managers at stores that sell GPS receivers. Suggest that their support and promotion of geocaching as a sport will help GPS sales. Perhaps the store could put up a bulletin board with GC information, or sponsor a contest, or offer coupons to people who the store's cache.


Hold a meeting of local geocachers at a sporting goods store or coffee shop. Put an announcement for it in the newspaper a month in advance, and send it to newpapers and radio stations.


I hear the Boy Scouts are getting into GC, so you might contact their local office. Offer to put on demos at BS meetings.


Same goes for any local outdoor clubs: climbing, hiking, canoeing, xc-skiing, orienteering, hunting, fishing, Audubon, Sierra, birding, etc., etc.





Anton Ninno - N2RUD

Syracuse, NY 13210


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