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Marijauna plants

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Originally posted by Davros:

Oh B.T.W. If you own a bird, especialy a Parrot chances are you've got Marijuana seeds in your house right now! Part of a Parrot familys primary diet concists of Pot seeds.. Of course it's probably been baked, thus loosing its ability to germinate but its still there! Take a look at your bird seed.. Notice those bluish/grey ball bearing looking seeds.. Yup.. That's Pot..

That would explain the correlation between bird owners and gardening icon_eek.gif

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Some of you people are knuckel heads...If you come across a few weed plants, you think drug lords are going to kill you,and that the area is boobie traped!!!WOW!!!One guy claims thats one reason why he carries a side arm with him when he Cache hunts...The day I carry a side arm with me when I Cache hunt,is the day I'll kiss my own elbow.And how did something so vial and terrible as meth come up in this forum subject?It started out about weed.Fact is...I would rather take my chances of coming in contact with a few weed plants than I would posion ivy!!! icon_cool.gificon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gificon_wink.gif

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Originally posted by Trailblazer # 1:

MYSELF ONLY, I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE FOR AMERICA OR AGAINST AMERICA...As part of our County clean-up Committee,we come across meth lab dumps,and other type things as well,we are to use gloves to clean anything up,and report it so the right teams can do a Bio-Hazard clean up,this is getting way out of hand out here,they now have mobil labs and grow rooms.Take coordinates of the area and report them.


WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS *GEOTRYAGAIN* http://www.msnusers.com/MissouriTrails







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Originally posted by upinyachit:

What would you do if you came across a bunch of marijuana plants while geocaching?


Well, from your original post, I would guess that you had this happen to you on a cache hunt.

Since youre in the Rochester area, I tell you what, how bout you send me the coords of the pot plants, and I will report it to the proper authorities, thus releasing YOU from this moral dilemma..... icon_biggrin.gif


Legalize TODAY!!







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