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Cache duration

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It depends. I have s few caches that will have thier 3rd birthday this year. Nearly all of the caches I've set out are still there.


It depends on where you place the cache, how well you hide it and how lucky you are. Some last a few weeks and some last a year or more.

Since our sport is so new, there are no long term caches out there yet. Maybe 3-4 years tops.


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I guess that the longevity of a cache is directly proportional to how much maintainance you are prepared to devote to it. I have come across a few caches that are in a state of complete disrepair only to find that the 'owner' placed while on holiday, and has never been back to check up on it.

Keeping your cache in good order is really important, I travel hundreds of mile to go geocaching - and to find that the cache I'm looking for has been destroyed/stolen/lost is a real pain.

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