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Ethics Questions


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I just have a few questions about cache placement and goods.


Would a donation cache be allowed? Something where people would be able to donate money to the American Red Cross and get something in return. My idea would be to have an ammo can with the log and about three different envelopes in it for three different charities, people could put money in for whatever charity they wanted and they could take a gift that would be left in the card such as a special sig card and maybe a few nick nacks from the different charities. My questions about this are first of all wether the approver's would allow it? Wether the geocaching commmunity is trustworthy enough that the cache wouldn't need to be emptied every night? And if I did this, what would you people recomend be done exactly? I know it should be a fairly remote place, thus allowing it to be less likely to be plundered.


My second unrelated question would be about a micro. Would it be considered an offset puzzle cache if I gave the coordinates to the park or location it is at, and then just gave several descriptive, but puzzle like clues to the actual location of the cache inside the park?



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I wouldn't do it. One, you can't trust the community. Two, you can't be sure that it wouldn't get raided. Three, the approvers would likely not approve it because of above.


Your micro query sounds like either a multi or if you put a stamp in it, a letterbox.

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The Red Cross itself would have to host the cache as an organization.


There was a debate about a cache that just seemed to accumulate money. A lot of pocket change but it added up over time. The cacher donated it to charity and started posing on his cache page how much and where it went.


That turned out to be a fairly controversial topic. I'm not sure how it all turned out. He wasn't even trying to have a charity cache.

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I'm not sure you could do a cache like this now, but here's a link to a discussion about a cache where an experiment like this was tried.


Unfortunately this cache expired about a month before I started caching. I do know the owner, though. He's a good guy who has contributed a lot to the caches in this area.




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Read the section of the guidelines for hiding a cache entitled "commercial caches/caches that solicit." You would not be able to have a cache like this approved by me, the volunteer cache approver for your area. Instead, you'd have to obtain prior permission by writing to Groundspeak headquarters.


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Keystone 2 originally came up with the general idea, and I later made a TB and cache of it: Pay it Forward


This allows the creation of a cache that encourages good works, but is non-specific to the recepients of said works, and the benefactors are chosen by the individual cachers.


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Here's a suggestion that you don't have to worry about the cash getting stolen.


Insert a half dozen or so index cards with the name and address of a charity. Use different ones. The invite the finder to take a card (or swap one they brought) and send the money in whatever amount they choose to the charity.


If TPTB say you can't post a specific cache for this purpose, there's nothing stopping you from leaving these cards in any cache clipped together and post it on your "find" log. It could be your cache I suppose but that make make TPTB "angry".


what do the approvers think?



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Thank you all for your answers to question one, and I now notice how stupid the original idea is, and I will try to find out a way to make it a good cache, I actually was plannning on using a night desposit box style thing in the cache but I will have to think about this a little longer.


But anyway, could I get an official decision on question two?


Like I said, I'd like to have a micro, or even a full sized cache, somewhere in a park, but the coordinates would not lead directly to the cache, only to the park, the cacher would have to use the clues in the cache description to figure out WHERE in the park it would be hidden. The park wouldn't be too big, but I'm hoping this is allowed as an offset or puzzle cache because as far as I can figure, it's the only way to place a cache without a GPSr.



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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