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How far is too far?

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I'm working on a nasty multicache (planned as a 5/5) and am wondering how far is too far to go?


For Stage #4 I'm planning on placing the cache at the end of a point of land about 5km from the nearest parking making for a 10km (or 6 mile) round trip walk. No vehicles are allowed, but the paths are well paved making for easy bicycle access. The cache will also be easily accessible by boat making that an option as well.


What do you think?



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The further to the cache the better! Last year (before Geocaching) I was regularly doing trail races of 10 to 20 miles. The majority of the caches I have found have been close enough to parking that I can hardly break into a run before I am there. =WR


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Several of us just completed a 5/5 cache called "The Journal". I spent somewhere between 14 to 16 hours on it and hiked about 15 miles to solve the complete puzzle. Walkin Stick spent a little more time and walked probably about the same amount. Dustystar spent about half that amount of time ... although he and his wife shouldn't even be considered as normal ... they are both marathon and trail runners ... darn kids.

If you were able to solve the complete puzzle in perfect order with no mistakes ... I back-calculated ... you would have to walk about six or seven miles up and down various hills and across numerous streams. Yep, the twists in logic got me several times … let’s see … walked twice as far as required … guess the numbers show that I must be a halfwit. The write up says, "pack a lunch" ... actually, a packed wagon would be more appropriate.

For me this was absolutely the best cache yet. One doesn't need anything except stamina, perseverance and lots of problem solving ability. And, having a fellow geocacher working to beat you to the final solution sure adds to the intensity and the enjoyment.

So, how far is too far ... six miles round trip ... naw, that's a pick of cake for a 5/5 ... go for it. If rcharlier creates another masterpiece, like he has promised, there are several of us who are crazy enough to go find it.



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Originally posted by mwmm15T:

I say go for it, with one minor caveat--consider how many stages to consider it a legitimate find (i.e. 3 out of 5 and better, 4 out of 5 and better), but more than just the first cache--it wouldn't be a multi-cache if people can find just the first cache and then log it as a find.


For any multicache, the cache owner should require that seekers find the main, or final, cache and sign the logbook (provide the required info, if a virtual cache) in order to log a find.

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To be honest a 6 mile round trip isn't all that long, I had just planned hiking 15 miles round trip and hitting 3 caches along the North County trail, true you could drive to a different parking lot for each locaton and then each would only be 1.5 or so miles... but wheres the challenge in that? 6 miles round trip is not a problem at all, I'm planning a 7 -14 mile one (depending on multiple cars, overnight stay, etc) the biggest concern I have is that it is a bit away from major cities (as I'm guessing yours may be) so the number of hits to it will be lower, on that note post here when you make the bad boy, one of these days I'll get up to Candada for a caching trip and I'll go for it.

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Originally posted by servman:

I'm working on a nasty multicache (planned as a 5/5) and am wondering how far is too far to go?



I don't think any distance is "too far", as long as the cache is rated and described appropriately. A bikeable 10km probably doesn't even rate as a terrain 5.


My first geocache is about a 10km round trip (the short way) with about 600m of elevation gain. I rated the terrain as a 3, and so far nobody has told me that the rating is wrong. If it were flat, I'd probably have called it a 2.5 or a 2.

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I recently hiked over 8-miles and hit 5 caches. This gave me the exercise I was looking for as well as the mental challenge and excitement of searching for a cache. A six mile, multicache (or multipart cache) deal would definitely be up my alley. Go for it! Too bad I don't live in your neck of the woods....



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