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Thinking of doing a NFL cache

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What Is Your Favorite NFL Team ??????? icon_biggrin.gif


I am thinking of doing a NFL football cache. All items in the cache will have something to do with the NFL. We would like your opinions and your favorite NFL football team. With training camp starting tomorrow, Candie and I just came up with the idea...What do you geocachers think?



Duane N Candie

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Our feet go where the caches are! feet.gif

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I think it a great idea too. I'm planning my first hide to be a hockey cache, specifically the Stars..but any teams will make me happy. Don't know how many geocaching hockey fans are around here, but maybe I can convert some! icon_biggrin.gif


I'm also wanting to do a Travel Bug on a puck, and try to get it to the old Forum in Montreal (since I'll probably never make it there myself. icon_frown.gif)


Oh, I guess my fav football team would be the Bears.


And nyisutter~ Your Rams/Boos sounds pretty good to. Wish I was closer so I could fill the cache with Stars stuff! icon_razz.gificon_wink.gif



Geocaching by day...hockey at night!

Life is good icon_biggrin.gif

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I am a HUGE (need to lose some weight icon_wink.gif )hockey fan in general and Stars specifically. I am planning on leaving something related to hockey in my first cache. It should be out soon and each of the starting items in it will have some connection to my life.


I am looking forward to seeing your Stars cache!

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Seriously though, if you are anywhere near 35 and plant it before Sept, I may try to stop in. I will be heading to Houston.


Hopefully, you'll be able to find some Houston TEXANS NFL goodies while caching here in Houston. Although, those items are fairly premium since the team is new this year.


Happy Caching!


Fairy tales & happy trails help old women stay young.

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Better watch out because I do plan on doing some Texas Caching! I could improve your cache by providing some nice BLUES items .


Hey sutter! I'll tell you what...I'll leave a bag of pucks and you can leave Dougie Weight! (I know, I can hear you protesting..."But I'm supposed to trade up!" That's ok, I'll make an exception for you!) icon_wink.gificon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gif


Sea Wolf~ Good to see another caching hockey fan. I talked to one of the proshops at the Stars Centre, and they're gonna give me first dibs on small clearance items to make a few caches with and to leave in others. (I've spent a small fortune with them..they know me well! icon_smile.gif) I worked on the ambulance in GP for 3 years, so I know some great places there to hide caches!



Geocaching by day...hockey at night!

Life is good icon_biggrin.gif

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