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Permit to place a cache

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Cleveland Metroparks has just put into place a permit system for allowing Geocaches in our reservations.


There is no fee and the permit is good through the end of the year in which it is approved. We hope this will enhance Geocaching by making the cache locations safe for park users and the ecology of the surrounding area. Also, the time limit will enhance the game by having a higher turn over of caches. We will also monitor the concentration of caches.


If you would like a copy of our permit and permit application, I would be happy to send you one. Just e-mail your request with your mailing address to geocaching@clevelandmetroparks.com. Mention your request is for a permit example so I know you are not applying for a permit or registering for an activity.


I hope that Geocaching remains a great activity for both Geocachers and park systems.


Carly Martin, Cleveland Metroparks icon_smile.gif

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Its good to see that the Cleveland Metroparks system has recognized Geocaching as yet another way for people to enjoy and encourage more visitors to visit their parks. And have taken the approach that with some simple, basic user requirements we can participate if we choose. Makes me want to move to Cleveland.


I'd be curious as how they first heard about Geocaching and why they came up with such an accomodating policy.

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In answering how Cleveland Metroparks got involved:


I am a naturalist with Cleveland Metroparks. I was hiking with a bunch of kids and looking for salamanders when a child found a rubbermaid container hidden in the rocks. We looked at it and thought it was probably part of a local scavenger hunt, so we put it back without even opening it. A couple weeks later our Chief Naturalist sent out an e-mail to everyone asking if anyone had heard of Geocaching. I replied "No I haven't, but I found one!" It went from there: I had the energy to take on the project and our Parks had the foresight to support it.


Carly Martin

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Originally posted by Zuckerruebensirup:

And here's where they list their Geocaching http://www.clevelandmetroparks.com/recreation/geocaching.html.


My only comment is that from the description that is given of the cache location, there hardly seems a need for a GPS. One could probably find all of these caches without one. Maybe that is the idea, to give any interested member of the public a fair chance. But is that Geocaching? icon_wink.gif


... Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by, ...



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Originally posted by Markwell:


BTW - that scanned permit was very poor resolution. Almost unreadable.

Yeah, the copy I got through e-mail wasn't that great...and it got even worse when I had to shrink it to under 100k to post on the geocaching site. icon_frown.gif


I'm sure they'll be happy to send you a more legible copy, though. icon_smile.gif

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