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So what's the best log you've found

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Checked the forums & there hasn't been a good thread recently dealing with really funny logs. Perhaps the topic was too narrow. Or maybe geocachers as a general lot have no sense of humor (as evidenced by some threads I've read... icon_razz.gif)


So I'm checking my emails & I start reading this log by Brian Snat. I get two sentances in & I'm incredulous. What could I have done. I read two more sentances & I'm thinking,"Wow that's incredible, how do....HEYYYYYY wait a minute!" then proceeded to laugh my butt off at the rest.


To avoid limiting the discussion too narrowly, I thought it'd be interessting to read any logs that are especially noteworthy. either funny, truly adventurous, or just really, um, good.





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I've always enjoyed reading any logs by Genius Loci. While he may be more verbose than some, he has a unique writing style that makes me want to take more creative writing classes.


Two particularly good ones are Blarney Stone on July 12 and Tick Terror. His log on Putt Putt Geocaching is pretty good too, and that cache also contains my favorite string of my logs, starting June 6 with my best log for this cache on July 6. icon_wink.gif



Chicago Geocaching

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I don't want to give Oregone a big head or anything but his logs are pretty funny. It's not so much that his writing is any better than anyone else's it's just that he takes the time and energy to craft an entertaining log. Here's one I found pretty funny:


"February 9 by oregone (505 found)

How frustrating it is to be within 200 feet of the cache and have a busy freeway in your path. Luckily for me, i've lived in three different places in Salem so i remembered the park this cache is located in after looking across Hwy 22 for about thirty seconds.


I don't remember being able to park so close to that part of the park, so i ended up parking way on the other side of the railroad tracks next to the Marion County Correctional Facility chain-gang. Too bad i'm not a sexy voluptous blonde girl, otherwise I would have had an impromptu car-washing.


after i found the cache and made the trade i had a few hours to kill, so i decided to go visit one of the many colleges i've gone to, Chemeketa Community. Now that was depressing. A whole parking lot full of cars and nobody in the halls but maintenance personell and remodelling contractors. Where is Elaine Konovolov? Shannon Stanley? Where was Jocelyn, that cute girl from Saipan? And that hot teachers aide from the statistics class that I got kicked out of? I missed these girls sorely as I wandered aimlessly through Building 3 like a ghost haunting an old haunt. There was this one girl in my Chemistry class that was 27-years-old. She was an old lady to me back then."


"...like a ghost haunting an old haunt." Oh, man that's funny.


"There's no need to be afraid of strange noises in the night. Anything that intends you harm will stalk you silently."

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I especially like the logs that go off on a tangent and sometimes makes no mention of the cache itself(grin). I wonder what he writes in the 'ana'log (paper copy).


Can you believe he actually gets hate mail on some of those? What's up with that?




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I paticulary enjoy trying to come up with personlities and experiences with other cachers t-bugs. How do you expain the personlaity and adventures of a set of keys found at a cache by the river as a nuculear powered submarine was going by. True story. How do you think the keys felt looking at that and knowing they would have no useful purpose there. Almost had to contact a shrink before passing on to next cache.

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