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TEAM KFWB GPS is everywhere...(?)

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i have noticed *lots* of caches placed by TEAM KFWB GPS in California, Oregon, Washington, and BC...I'm on Vancouver Island and have found a few of their caches. Who are these people that they have caches all over the place, and how can they maintain them when they're so spread out? Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but my impression is that if you place a cache, you must visit it once in a while to check it????

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They're not people. They're aliens. With super-human powers.


They have super-sonic methods of travel that allow them to not only visit several places in one day but to also be in several locations *similtaneously*


Quite frankly, they're super cachers and as such are exempt from many mortal caching laws.



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Originally posted by jimmyjames:

I tried one as well but had to press on regardless.


As I recall, you were still trying to get CG into your fold at that time. I recall that, on the way to PRESS ON REGARDLESS, you spoke to CG while he and I and RobertM were at McDonalds... it was an uncomfortable moment, the subject was about missing tags, hmmmm...


And 20 minutes later, the CG, RM and I were opening our Christmas presents... that dang rock at Fort Rodd Hill eh!!!

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