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Photoshop fun Aug 12, 03

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Originally posted by Squirrel Nut:

After carefully studying the physics involved in 'Honey I shrunk the kids', Bob decides to shrink himself and become the first human Travel Bug.




I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish... -Enya, Anywhere Is


Hate to get off topic but is it my imagination or does the bridge in the background of Squirrel Nut's post appear to go straight into the water? Don't know why but it caught my eye.



I am Lothar, King of the Hill people. I have many tales to tell....


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Having tired of counter-intelligence, terrorism, revenge, and extortion, Ernst Stavro Blofeld turns to kidnapping travel bugs.


Re: SquirrelNut's picture, that's the Mackinac Bridge. The far end is five miles away, hence the illusion.

The cache, Mackinac Mooch



Well the mountain was so beautiful that this guy built a mall and a pizza shack

Yeah he built an ugly city because he wanted the mountain to love him back -- Dar Williams


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