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Hi my name is Tom and I'm a ..............GeoCacher.

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My Daughter says I'm ... icon_frown.gifAddicted icon_frown.gif to GeoCaching....I Was STUNNED icon_redface.gif Why are we always the last to know icon_confused.gif.... Sooooo I have decided to start a 12 step program...I'll Start us off with the first step. I'm sure you can help me with the rest icon_biggrin.gif ****PLEASE be respectfull of the real 12 step progams because they really work...I know****


Ok Step 1) WE have admitted we are powerless over finding out there is a brand new Cache only 4 miles from home and we JUST GOTTA get there first!!!


*****The other day I was playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.*****

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Actually... I didn't really become so focused on Geocaching until I learned about that blasted insidecorner/geocache site.


Being #1 in Memphis, and #6 for Tennessee isn't easy. Once you get a position, then it's like you HAVE to cache ro retain your standing. (Else all the hard work and effort was for naught).


There's a LOT of "UBER-cachers" out there waiting to take the pole position!

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