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Magellan Merdian Map Problem

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Detailed maps are just files on your SD card.


Assuming you have a recent firmware version, use the menu to go to card utilities, the delete whichever file you want.


Alternately, if you have an SD card reader/writer, use it to manipulate files on the SD card.



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The Magellan Meridian Map doesn't use an SD card does it?


Either way I'm not sure but can you just install over the current maps you have downloaded or does it show up as being full?




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Originally posted by umc:

The Magellan Meridian Map doesn't use an SD card does it?

There is no such thing as the Magellan Meridian Map (Meridian [GPS|Gold|Platinum|Marine|Color] and SporTrak [Map|Pro|Pro Marine|Color]), so I'd assume that the title parses as "(Magellan Meridian) (Map Problem)", in which case DJ's suggestions are correct.


Anyway, if you upload over serial (*GASP* nobody really *does* that to a Meridian, I'd hope), it deletes the old map before uploading a new one. If you copy directly to the SD card in MapSend Streets and Destinations, it uses the same name each time and therefore overwrites the file. If you copy or rename map files by hand, well, then you know how to move, rename, and delete them, so it's a moot point.


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