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Garmin Rino 120


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It showed up in my Amazon Goldbox for $200 (2) and I couldn't resist.


Anyone have a set? What do you think? What do you use them for? We do a lot of hiking & some mountain biking in the Sierra with the kids (4 & 6). Thought if I strapped one to the 6yr old (a true explorer and daredevil mountain biker) I wouldn't have to always be shouting "Where are you?" as we trek thru the woods. Also thought they'd come in handy at the ski area as the kids become more independent.


Was this a "good" impulse buy? Or will they sit in the closet and gather dust?

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I don't have a set of the Rhino's but I've been following the threads on them.


From what I've heard, the GPS's in them are really cool, but the two-way radios are getting poor reviews. They say you almost have to yell to have the other person understand you.


There is some neat functionality, like a built in alarm clock (in case you fall asleep waiting for your friend to find the geocache. icon_biggrin.gif)


I recommend looking for Garmin Rino on the Epinions WebPage. It's a webpage that people supply feedback on products that they have bought.


Also, you might check out this thread.

Hope this helps...




Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

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Originally posted by glynnfam:

It showed up in my Amazon Goldbox for $200 (2) and I couldn't resist.


Was this a "good" impulse buy? Or will they sit in the closet and gather dust?


There's usually pots and pans or baby toys in my box icon_frown.gif and I have no use for either!


It was a great impulse buy. If you don't use them, sell 'em on eBay! (And if you don't want to bother, I'd probably give you $200 for them and sell them myself! icon_wink.gif )



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So I run over to Amazon.com and check my goldbox. Item 1: Pans

Item 2: Garmin Rino 120 Waterproof GPS/FRS/GMRS for $209.99 - A good deal, but not like the two-fer glynnfam got icon_frown.gif


It also looks like they have a deal for everybody which is $399.98 for a 110 plus a 120.




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