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VOTE: Do you want a Geocaching.com IRC server?

Guest Peter Scholtz
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Guest Peter Scholtz

Trying to twist Jeremy's arm here ...


Would you like a Geocaching.com IRC server?


Many of us have bad impressions of IRC because of all the weird sh*t ... but in a group like ourselves it would be worthwhile.


A like the idea of having a chat just after finding a cache. In South Africa we have GSM cellular networks and it works great with my Palm and Nokia GSM phone.


And of course the forums are a bit slow for some of us ...



Peter Scholtz


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Guest zilla

Sure! I posted earlier about mIRC, and have even set up a chat site on the superchat server, but so far I haven't been able to catch anyone there.. Maybe if we have our own server we'll see more activity..

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Guest PharoaH

I haven't decided if I am for or against the idea. There are a lot of unwanted types on IRC, you're right. I think there would have to be a way to strictly limit the IRC visitors to be registerred geocachers only. There are are already some geocaching channels on different IRC networks...


I think that just made up my mind. I appreciate Jeremy's work on the main site and the message boards. I don't want to stretch his time any thinner than it already is. I would rather see someone point out an established #Geocaching on some pre-existing IRC network.

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Guest k2dave

I'm not sure yet, I'll have to get back to you.



I just ordered the data conectivity kit for my audiovox 135 and hope to eventually hook it to my palm. For early test I want to just hook up the palm cradle serial port to the serial port on hte data conectivity kit. I need some type of adapter since the 2 ends are the same gender. Is there a special adapter needed or do the pins just go straigt through?

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Guest McIrish

Originally posted by Iron Chef:

A Geocaching IRC server would be great. :~)



I think an IRC server would be great also. If you would like to see a good example of a well controlled chat area look at momsonline.com. I do think that they can be overly strict sometimes, but I know for one that I can go there anytime and find nice people to talk to. I don't go to any other chat area. They allow men...LOL... so check it out.

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